10 Facts about Bed Bugs

Thursday, June 4th 2015. | Animals

Facts about Bed Bugs talk about the parasitic insects. They feed on blood and are included in the cimicid family. The common bed bugs which feed the blood of human being are Cimex lectularius. There are several types of Cimex species which feed the blood of other animals. Those are Cimex adjunctus located in the eastern United States, Cimex pilosellus in western United States and Cimex pipistrelli in Europe. Here are other interesting facts about bed bugs below:

Facts about Bed Bugs 1: the name

The animal is named bed bugs because they like living in the warm places. It can be inside the bedding or beds. They prefer warm houses.

Facts about Bed Bugs 2: the activity

The activity of bed bugs can be seen at night. However, they are not included as nocturnal animals. The host will not notice when the bugs feed on their blood.

Bedbugs on a bed sheet

Bedbugs on a bed sheet

Facts about Bed Bugs 3: adverse health effects

There are several adverse health effects caused by the bite of bed bugs. The symptoms include the skin rashes, allergy, and psychological effects.

Facts about Bed Bugs 4: the human parasite

Bed bugs are considered as the human parasites from more than thousand years.

Facts about Bed Bugs

Facts about Bed Bugs

Facts about Bed Bugs 5: the reduction of bed big

Most bed bugs were mostly eliminated from the developed world in the beginning of 1940s. However, the population of bed bugs has been increased again in 1995 because of the resistance of bed bugs to pesticides.

Facts about Bed Bugs 6: the diagnosis

The diagnosis of bed bugs can be seen from the presence of compatible symptoms as well as the finding bed bugs. To cure the symptoms, you have to eliminate the bed bugs.

Bed Bugs Facts

Bed Bugs Facts

Facts about Bed Bugs 7: the appearance

The adult bed bugs have no hind wings. The body comes in oval shape. The color is reddish brown to light brown. The front wings come in vestigial look.

Facts about Bed Bugs 8: the banded appearance

Bed bugs have the banded appearance due to the microscopic hair that this animals have. It also has segmented abdomens.

Bed Bugs Pictures

Bed Bugs Pictures

Facts about Bed Bugs 9: the size of bed bugs

The width of bed bugs is around 0.059 to 0.118 inches. The length is around 0.16 to 0.20 inches. Get facts about beavers here.

Facts about Bed Bugs 10: the newly hatched nymphs

The color of the newly hatched nymphs is light and translucent.  The body color becomes browner when the animal is mature.

Bed Bug

Bed Bug

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