10 Facts about BedZED

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Facts about BedZED tell you about Beddington Zero Energy Development. People simply call it BedZED.  It is the housing development located in Hackbridge, London, England. This housing is very different with the common housing for it focuses on the environmentally friendly system.  This housing is established to form the zero carbon emission. The location of the project is in London Borough of Sutton. It is located 3 km or 2.0 miles north east of Sutton town. Here are other interesting facts about BedZED for you:

Facts about BedZED 1: the architect

Who is the architect of BedZED?  He is Bill Dunster. He created BedZED to protect the environment, produce the carbon neutral and give sustainable lifestyle for the community in the area.

Facts about BedZED 2: the leader of the project

Peabody Trust was the leader of BedZED project. To make this project successful, it has partnership with Ellis & Moore Consulting Engineers, Bill Dunster Architects, Gardiner and Theobald, BioRegional, and  Arup.

Facts about BedZED

Facts about BedZED

Facts about BedZED 3: the pioneer

BedZED was a pioneer of an eco friendly housing. Moreover, it also takes the record where the lands in the area were sold below the market price. The local authority did it because they wanted to make this project feasible to do.

Facts about BedZED 4: the total houses

In 2000-2002, there were 82 houses of BedZED project built. They spans on the land area of 15,120 square feet.



Facts about BedZED 5: the Stirling Prize

In 2003, BedZED project was included in the short list of Stirling Prize.

Facts about BedZED 6: the low energy emission concept

BedZED is made based on the low emission concept. Therefore, the people are encouraged not to use any kinds of cars. Therefore, it only has limited parking space. The people can walk, cycle or use the public transport. The area has bus link and good rail.

BedZED Project

BedZED Project

Facts about BedZED 7: the high quality

BedZED comes in high quality design because it uses the high standard finish for the apartment. Therefore, the urban professional will be interested to live in the apartment.

Facts about BedZED 8: the zero energy

The zero energy is one of the main foundations of BedZED.  The solar panels occupy 8,360 square feet or 777 square metres of land. Find out facts about air pollution here.

BedZED Facts

BedZED Facts

Facts about BedZED 9: the water efficient feature

BedZED also encourages the water efficient feature. The site will collect and reuse the rainwater. Get facts about alternative energy facts here.

Facts about BedZED 10: Waste recycling

BedZED also encourages the waste recycling for it has the waste collection facilities.

BedZED Pic

BedZED Pic

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