10 Facts about Beef

Friday, June 5th 2015. | Culinary

Facts about Beef talk about the popular food in the world.  It is a type of meat taken from the bovines of the cattle. The farmers can make beef from steers, heifers, bulls or cows. The type of cutting for beef muscle meat is various. You can make it into steak, short ribs or roasts. If you want to make it into steak, you can choose the sirloin steak, filet mignon, rib steak, hanger steak, rib eye steak, or rump steak. Find out more interesting facts about beef below:

Facts about Beef 1: the processing

You can find some cuts of beef made into beef jerky or corned beef. It can be combined with leaner or older cattle. The industry can use beef to produce sausages too.

Facts about Beef 2: the other parts of the beef

The people can eat different part of the bull such as the glands, brain, heart, kidney, tender testicles, liver, tripe, tongue and oxtail.

Beef Facts

Beef Facts

Facts about Beef 3: the raise of the cattle

There is no need for the farmers to keep the castle raised for beef inside the farm all of the time. They can be roamed free on the grassland. Or you can have them inside a feedlot.

Facts about Beef 4: the popular meat

The report states that beef is included in the third most popular type of meat consumed by the people in the world. The first popular meat is pork, while the second most popular is poultry. Get facts about bacon here.

Facts about Beef

Facts about Beef

Facts about Beef 5: the largest consumers of beef

The three largest consumers of beef in the world are United States, Brazil and China.

Facts about Beef 6: the most eaten beef

The people who ate the most beef in 2009 based on per capita basis are Argentines. Each person ate 64.4 kilogram of beef. The people in United States ate 40, 2 kilogram of beef.

Beef Picture

Beef Picture

Facts about Beef 7: the largest exporters of beef

Can you guess the largest exporters of beef in the world? They are Brazil, India, Australia and US.

Facts about Beef 8: the beef production

Other countries in the world which consider beef as an important production for the economy include Canada, Mexico, Paraguay, Uruguay, Nicaragua, Belarus, and Argentina. Find out another food on facts about beans here.

Beef Pic

Beef Pic

Facts about Beef 9: the method of cooking beef

There are various kinds of method for cooking beef. One of them is grilling. It involves the cooking of beef under a high heat. Some people often call this process as barbecuing for it involves the usage of charcoal to produce the heat to cook beef.

Facts about Beef 10: other ways to cook beef

Other ways to cook beef include broiling and roasting.  You can produce the roast beef by cooking the beef inside a hot oven.

Beef Food

Beef Food

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