10 Facts about Beeston Castle

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If you are interested to know the former royal castle located in Beeston, Cheshire, England, check Facts about Beeston Castle. This castle is magnificent for it is located on the rocky sandstone. It perches on the height of 170 meter or 350 feet.  If you visit the castle, you can enjoy a great view there. Here are some interesting facts about Beeston Castle for you:

Facts about Beeston Castle 1: who built the castle?

Ranulf de Blondeville was 6th Earl of Chester who built Beeston Castle in 1220s. He did it after he went back from the Crusades.

Facts about Beeston Castle 2: Henry III

The Beeston Castle was taken by Henry III and claimed the ownership of the castle. During the English civil war, it was used military purpose.

Facts about Beeston Castle

Facts about Beeston Castle

Facts about Beeston Castle 3: the demolition

Based on the destruction order of Cromwell, the Beeston Castle was partly demolished to avoid the usage of the castle as a military purpose. Then the castle was utilized as a quarry in 18th century.

Facts about Beeston Castle 4: the legend

There is a legend which states that Richard II put his treasure on the castle grounds. However, the legend was not real for there was no treasure there.

Beeston Castle

Beeston Castle

Facts about Beeston Castle 5: the ruins

If you go to Beeston Castle, don’t be disappointed if you only find ruins. Now English Heritage owns the castle as a Schedule Ancient Monument. The walls, inner bailey and outer bailey of Beeston castle are included National Heritage List for England.

Facts about Beeston Castle 6: the visitors

Beeston Castle is open for public. You can enjoy the magnificent ruins of Beeston Castle. It also provides great view for the visitors. The towers and walls are still enough to give the visitors the clear view of the castle. You can also go to the visitor’s center and small museum in Beeston Castle.

Beeston Castle Pic

Beeston Castle Pic

Facts about Beeston Castle 7: Tollemache

In 19th century, Tollemache built a lodge house near the castle. In 20th century, the house was enlarged. The lodge house features two circular towers. Get facts about Balmoral Castle.

Facts about Beeston Castle 8: the amazing view

The visitors can enjoy the amazing view for Beeston castle sits on the top of rocky sandstone.  In the west, you can view the beauty of Welsh mountains. In the east, you can check the Pennines.

Beeston Castle Image

Beeston Castle Image

Facts about Beeston Castle 9: the walls of Beeston castle

The walls of Beeston castle contain D-shaped towers.  It was considered as an innovation. Get facts about Belford Castle here.

Facts about Beeston Castle 10: the outer bailey

The outer bailey was made in rectangular shape.  It was made of sandstone mixed with rubble.

Beeston Castle Facts

Beeston Castle Facts

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