10 Facts about Beetles

Friday, June 5th 2015. | Animals

If you are interested with the type of insects included in the order of Coleoptera, you have to check Facts about Beetles. There are two pairs of wings that most beetles have. The front pair of wings is used to protect the abdomen and the rear pair of wings for they are thickened and hardened. There are four suborders of beetles. Those are Myxophaga, Polyphaga, Adephaga, and Archostemata. Here are some interesting facts about beetles for you:

Facts about Beetles 1: the largest order of insects

We can say that beetles occupy the largest order of insects for the four suborders contain at least 350,000 to 400,000 species of beetles.

Facts about Beetles 2: the characteristics of beetles

The main characteristics of beetles can be seen on the hard forewings and hard exoskeleton. There are numerous plates which make up the exoskeleton of beetle. The thin sutures separate the plates.

Facts about Beetle

Facts about Beetle

Facts about Beetles 3: the division of body

There are three sections in the body of beetle. Those are the thorax, head and abdomen.

Facts about Beetles 4: the place of living

Beetle lives everywhere on earth. You can find them on the forest, desert, grassland, tundra, mountain tops, beaches or even freshwater aquatic habitat.



Facts about Beetles 5: the body armor

Beetle has the body armor for protection. That’s why the forewings of this animal are hardened.

Facts about Beetles 6: Coleoptera

As I have stated before, beetle is included in the order Coleoptera.  This term was coined by the famous Aristotle. It was taken from the Greek word koleon and ptera. The first word means sheathed, while the second word means wings.



Facts about Beetles 7: the smallest beetle

The feathering beetles are included in the family Ptiliidae. They are considered as the shortest beetles. The length is only 1 mm. Nanosella fungi is the smallest one of those beetles for it only has the weight of 0.4 mg and the length at 0.25 mm. Check facts about bees and wasps here.

Facts about Beetles 8: Goliath beetle

Goliath beetle is very large. The weight can reach 100 grams.

Beetle Color

Beetle Color

Facts about Beetles 9: the longest beetle

Titanus giganteus is considered as the longest known beetle in the world. It comes from South America. It can reach the length at 20 cm. Get facts about bees here.

Facts about Beetles 10: the noisy beetle

One of the noisy insects in the world is beetle. Most of them produce the sound which makes our ears irritated. The beetle which can produce the loud knocking sound is the deathwatch beetles. They will bang the head against the wall if they are inside the wooded tunnels.

Beetle Facts

Beetle Facts

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