10 Facts about Beetroot

Saturday, June 6th 2015. | Culinary

Facts about Beetroot tell you about the beet plant. It is called in various names depending on the country. The people who live in North America likes to call beetroot as golden beet, red beet, garden beet, table beet or beet. There are several varieties of beetroot. Beet is not only used for food, but also as medicine and food coloring. Let’s check more facts about beetroot below:

Facts about Beetroot 1: the root of beetroot

Beetroot which has the deep purple roots are often cooked in different process. You can make it as cooked vegetables or roast and boil it. If you want to make it into salad, make it cold. Pour the vinegar and oil on it.

Facts about Beetroot 2: the commercial production

Beetroot is also produced commercially. Most of them are made in pickles and sterilized beets.



Facts about Beetroot 3: the popular dish

One of the popular dishes made of beetroot in Eastern Europe is beet soup.  The people in India use beet as the side dish. They chop, cook and spice beetroot.

Facts about Beetroot 4: the small scale production

The purple beetroot is often used in commercial production. The small scale production is on the yellow bettor. They are only used for home consumption.

Beetroot Facts

Beetroot Facts

Facts about Beetroot 5: the edible part

Another edible part of beet is the leafy and green portion. The texture of the leaves remind you with spinach. It can be cooked by steaming or boiling the leaves.

Facts about Beetroot 6: the pickled beat egg

The pickled beet egg is the traditional Pennsylvania Dutch dish.  You can keep the hardboiled egg inside the refrigerator and mix it with the water left from the pickling beet.  You need to wait until the pink red color can be seen on the eggs.

Beetroot Color

Beetroot Color

Facts about Beetroot 7: cwikla

Cwikla is the most popular dish in Poland created from beetroot.  People serve it with potatoes and meat or you can have it inside the sandwiches. Check asparagus facts here.

Facts about Beetroot 8: juice

If you do not like the dishes made of beet, you can make juice from beet. It is delicious enough to keep the body fit and healthy.

Facts about Beetroot

Facts about Beetroot

Facts about Beetroot 9: the food colorant

As I have stated before, beetroot can be used to make food colorant. It gives red color. The industry uses it to increase the red color for breakfast cereals, sweets, ice cream, jellies, jams, desserts, sauces and tomato paste. Get facts about beans here.

Facts about Beetroot 10: the historical uses

In the middle Ages, Beet was used as a medicinal plant.  People believed that it could cure the ailments related to blood and digestion.



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