10 Facts about Beijing

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If you want to know the capital of China, you have to check Facts about Beijing. In the past, the city was called Peking. Based on the report in 2013, the city was inhabited by 21,150,000 people. There is no need to wonder that Beijing is called as one of the most populous cities in the world. It takes the second place of the largest city in the world for the city proper. Here are other interesting facts about Beijing below:

Facts about Beijing 1: the metropolis

If you want to know the metropolis of China, you have to go to northern China. The national government controls the metropolis as the municipality.  It has two rural countries, and 14 urban and suburban districts.

Facts about Beijing 2: the urban population

If you see Beijing based on the urban population, it comes as the second largest city in China.  The first one is taken by Shanghai. Therefore, Beijing is called as the center of education, politics and culture.

Facts about Beijing

Facts about Beijing

Facts about Beijing 3: the passenger’s traffic

If you check Beijing based on the passenger’s traffic, it takes the second busiest place in the world because of the presence of Beijing Capital International Airport.

Facts about Beijing 4: the history

When we talk about Beijing, we always realize the history of the city. It dates back 3 millennia. It is included as the last one from Four Great Ancient Capitals in China.

Beijing China

Beijing China

Facts about Beijing 5: the fame

Beijing is a famous city in the world. People recognize it due to the various universities, parks, temples, palaces, gardens, tombs, gates, walls, and art treasures.

Facts about Beijing 6: UNESCO World Heritage Sites

There are seven UNESCO World Heritage Sites located in Beijing. Those include Summer Palace, Forbidden City, Great Wall, Ming Tombs, Grand Canal, Temple of Heaven and Zhoukoudian. Get facts about Beijing Olympics here.

Beijing Facts

Beijing Facts

Facts about Beijing 7: The Beijing dialect

The Beijing dialect is often spoken by the people who are native to urban Beijing.

Facts about Beijing 8: the Chinese theater

If you are interested to know the traditional Chinese theater, you have to look at Peking or Beijing Opera. It is very famous in China. You can enjoy the acrobatic action, fighting, spoken dialogue and songs.

Beijing Beauty

Beijing Beauty

Facts about Beijing 9: the best known dish in Beijing

The famous dish in Beijing that you should try is Peking Roast Duck. Don’t forget to taste the traditional Fuling Jiabing. Find out another city in Bedford facts.

Facts about Beijing 10: the Forbidden City

One of the famous places to visit is the Forbidden City. You can find the Chinese art collection inside the palace.

Beijing City

Beijing City

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