10 Facts about Beijing Olympics

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If you want to know the Summer Olympic Games in 2008, you have to check Facts about Beijing Olympics. The official name of this international sport competition is Games of the XXIX Olympiad.  The people often call it Beijing 2008.  This competition takes place on 8th August to 24th August 2008 in Beijing, China. Find out more interesting facts about Beijing Olympics below:

Facts about Beijing Olympics 1: the number of athletes

There were 28 sports and 302 events in Beijing 2008. The participants for this competition are 10,942 athletes. They are from 204 National Olympic Committees.

Facts about Beijing Olympics 2: the record

China is called as the 18th country hosting the Summer Olympic Games. But it was the 22nd nation to hold the Olympic Games.

Beijing Olympics Moments

Beijing Olympics Moments

Facts about Beijing Olympics 3: the summer Olympic Games in Asia

Most Olympic Games are held outside Asia.  Therefore, the people in Asia are very eager when this big multi sport competition was held in China.  Before it was held in China in 2008, the game was hosted by Tokyo, Japan in 1964. In 1988, it was held in Seoul, South Korea.

Facts about Beijing Olympics 4: the events

In the past, Hong Kong was the host for the equestrian events. Therefore, it marked the third time for the similar event to be held in two different NOCs. The football events were hosted in various cities.  Qingdao was the place to hold sailing contest.

Beijing Olympics Fireworks

Beijing Olympics Fireworks

Facts about Beijing Olympics 5: the host

Beijing was selected as the host for 2008 games on 13 July 2001 after this city could defeat other four competitors. The International Olympic Committee members give more votes to Beijing after two rounds of voting.

Facts about Beijing Olympics 6: the Chinese government

To make everything perfect for Beijing Olympics, the transportation system and public facilities were restructured. The government also promoted the game intensively.

Beijing Olympics Event

Beijing Olympics Event

Facts about Beijing Olympics 7: the venues

There were 32 venues used to hold the Beijing Olympic events. 12 of them were newly constructed for the event. Find out BBL facts here.

Facts about Beijing Olympics 8: the official logo

Dancing Beijing is the title for the official logo of Beijing Olympics. The logo features the character jing. It was made in calligraphic character.

Beijing Olympics Pictures

Beijing Olympics Pictures

Facts about Beijing Olympics 9: the viewers

The report states that Beijing Olympics were watched by 4.7 billion spectators in the world. Get facts about Beach volley ball here.

Facts about Beijing Olympics 10: the most medals

The most gold medals in the events were won by the Chinese people with 51 gold medals. US took the record with 110 medals.

Facts about Beijing Olympics

Facts about Beijing Olympics

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