10 Facts about Being an American

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If you want to know the life style and culture of the American people, get the information on Facts about Being an American. The American people are the citizens of United States.  If you visit US, you will know diverse of people here. Even though they come from different ethnicity, they have similar allegiance and citizenship. Here are some interesting facts about being an American for you:

Facts about Being an American 1: the American identity

The American identity is not only seen on the American citizens. The people who have duel citizens, expatriates and non citizens residents often claim to have the American identity.

Facts about Being an American 2: the culture

Due to the different ethnicity in US, you can find diverse culture in the country.  The main culture is the western culture. But the Polynesian, African, Latin America, Native American and Asian culture also influence the American’s life.

American People

American People

Facts about Being an American 3: the European influence

The European influence on the American is very high. It can be from the Irish, Scottish, English and Welsh settler who lived here during the British colonization.

Facts about Being an American 4: the children

When the children are at the age of 5 to 8, they will attend the public school.  The children should be at school for seven hours in a day. The lunch and recessed break is around 45 minutes. After they graduated from high school, most teens go to the college or university.

Being an American Facts

Being an American Facts

Facts about Being an American 5: the houses

The American people live in different types of houses. Some people in Alaska live in igloos.  Others decide to live in apartment, townhouses, mobile homes and single family house.

Facts about Being an American 6: the music

Music is one of the important parts of the American culture. The one strongly influenced by the African culture is jazz music.

Facts about Being an American

Facts about Being an American

Facts about Being an American 7: the electronic media

The life of the people also depends on the electronic media. The free time of the American people is used to access internet, TV, music, videos, movies and music. Get facts about American culture here.

Facts about Being an American 8: the Native American people

Before the American continent was discovered, the country has been occupied by the Native American people for more than centuries. Even though they were the first persons living here, the population of the Native American people was only 1 percent of whole Americans.



Facts about Being an American 9: the favorite food and drinks

The favorite foods and drinks for the American people are pizza, hamburger, Pepsi, coca cola, French fries, soda and hot dog.

Facts about Being an American 10: the favorite sports

The most favorite sports of the Americans include baseball and basketball. Get facts about baseball here.

Being an American

Being an American

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