10 Facts about Being an Architect

Tuesday, June 9th 2015. | Buildings

If you want to know the profession which involves with the design and plan for office building, houses and other structures, you have to check Facts about Being an Architect. The architects have various duties to follow. They have to meet the clients to talk about the requirement, budget and objective of the structures. Moreover, they need to estimate the construction time, equipment needed and required material. Find out more interesting facts about being an architect below:

Facts about Being an Architect 1: other duties of an architect

Let’s find out more duties of an architect. He or she has to prepare the specification of the structure, gives the direction for the worker, prepares the documents and drawing, or even manages the construction contracts.

Facts about Being an Architect 2: the projects

The projects for the architect is to design and plan for the buildings or structures. They can be the public or private structure.  The place can be used for various purposes. It can be used as a place to shop, eat, work, live, play, or learn.

Being an Architect

Being an Architect

Facts about Being an Architect 3: the predesign services

Some architects have to be involved with the predesign services. It means that they have to give the designer requirement, environment impact studies, cost analyses and site selection.

Facts about Being an Architect 4: the construction plan

When the clients like the proposal, the architect will show the details and appearance of the buildings.

Being an Architect Facts

Being an Architect Facts

Facts about Being an Architect 5: the structural system

On the drawing, the architect will plan the structural system which includes the electrical system, plumbing, ventilating system, heating, air conditioning, landscape plan and communication system.  When they develop the design, the architect must follow the zoning laws, local building code and fire regulation. Find out facts about being an a engineer here.

Facts about Being an Architect 6: the number of jobs

Based on the data in 2012, there were around 107,400 jobs for architect.  Most of them work in the related service industry, architectural and engineering sectors.

Architect Works

Architect Works

Facts about Being an Architect 7: the self employed

Around 1 to 5 architects has self employed jobs.

Facts about Being an Architect 8: the working place

Most architects spend their time in the office. They create design, develop plan and meet the clients. They also have to visit the construction sites.

Architect Drawing

Architect Drawing

Facts about Being an Architect 9: the education

If you are interested to become an architect, you have to follow a five year bachelor of architecture program.

Facts about Being an Architect 10: the needed skills

Some skills that the architect needs to build include the great communication skill, analytical skill, organizational skill, creativity and many more. Get facts about Beam Bridges here.

Facts about Being an Architect

Facts about Being an Architect

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