10 Facts about Being an Engineer

Tuesday, June 9th 2015. | Technology

Facts about Being an Engineer tell about the job of an engineer. The technical problem will be handled by the engineers. They can solve the problems by using the mathematic and scientific knowledge. If you think that scientist and engineer is similar, you are wrong. Both have different jobs. The scientific discoveries are often used by the engineer in the real world. They focus more on the science application. Here are some interesting facts about being an engineer:

Facts about Being an Engineer 1: the important subjects

Engineers have to deal different kinds of subjects to create the problem solutions such as biology, chemistry, physics, English and calculus.

Facts about Being an Engineer 2: the engineering disciplines

The engineers have their specialization. They focus on one or more disciplines. Those include civil engineering, chemical engineering, mechanical engineering and electrical engineering.

Being an Engineer Image

Being an Engineer Image

Facts about Being an Engineer 3: the jobs

The job of the engineer is various. They can create the design for computer system, the construction of building, item production or vehicle manufacturing process.

Facts about Being an Engineer 4: the word engineer

The word engineer is derived from Latin. It means cleverness or devise.

Being an Engineer

Being an Engineer

Facts about Being an Engineer 5: the code ethics and practice

Each engineer has to realize the code of practice and ethics. Therefore, they will know how to work with other engineers and maintain professionalism.

Facts about Being an Engineer 6: the practical situation

The engineer should think about the practicality implied on the safety and cost when they build machines, systems, structures and materials.

Facts about Being an Engineer

Facts about Being an Engineer

Facts about Being an Engineer 7: the formal dress

The formal dress for the engineer is not a suit, but t-shirt and jeans. Most of them have to work in informal situation.

Facts about Being an Engineer 8: the class of an engineer

Becoming an engineer is not easy to do for you have to earn a degree or title if you want to work in a professional working environment. Do you know that the engineering students have their class at 8 am and have to follow the late afternoon class in the rest of the day? Find out another job in astronaut facts.



Facts about Being an Engineer 9: relationship

It is very silly to know that engineers know how to create hybrid cars, jet fighters, airplanes or even sport cars. However, most of them do not know on how to build a great relationship with a girl. Get facts about Arpanet here.

Facts about Being an Engineer 10: the sport car

The engineers are able to make the car with the top speed 400 kilometer per hour. But actually it is worthless because the maximum speed allowed to ride on the car is only 120 km per hour.

Being an Engineer Facts

Being an Engineer Facts

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