10 Facts about Being Homeless

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If you want to know the condition of the people who do not have any regular dwelling, you have to check Facts about Being Homeless. These people cannot live in adequate housing. The main cause is because of the lack of money that they have. Therefore, they cannot rent or buy a house. They do not have any regular or fixed house to live. They have to move from one place to another one to sleep at night. Find out other facts about being homeless below:

Facts about Being Homeless 1: the night time residence

The night time residence that people use to live  include the recreational vehicles, domestic violence centers, warming center, cardboard boxes, squatting, ad hoc housing,  tents, or tarpaulins.

Facts about Being Homeless 2: the place of living

Other places of living that the homeless people used to sleep include the private and public places which are not functioned for regular sleeping places.

Homeless People

Homeless People

Facts about Being Homeless 3: the number of the homeless people

In 2005, there were estimated that 100 million people in the world were homeless.

Facts about Being Homeless 4: the men

More than 75 to 80 percent of the homeless people were men based on the study in western countries. The majority of them were the single males.

Facts about Being Homeless

Facts about Being Homeless

Facts about Being Homeless 5: the services for the homeless people

Most countries in the world provide services to help the homeless people. The government departments, community organization, charity of organization give them shelter, food and clothing.

Facts about Being Homeless 6: the employment

Besides food, clothing and shelter, the homeless people need jobs to support their life. Therefore, the publications and street newspaper also give job employment for the homeless people.

Homeless Person

Homeless Person

Facts about Being Homeless 7: the jobs

Some homeless people have jobs to make earning. But most of them decide to panhandling and begging. Even though they can get a lot of money from this job, both are illegal in many countries in the world.

Facts about Being Homeless 8: busking

Another option that the homeless people do to earn money is by busking. They draw sidewalk, play music, or give entertainment to the people to get money.



Facts about Being Homeless 9: waste management service

Another job that the homeless people do is providing the waste management service.  What they have to do is collecting the trash and sort them. Get facts about asylum seeker here.

Facts about Being Homeless 10: crimes

There are some cases in which the homeless people decide to be criminal so that they can get food and shelter.

Being Homeless Facts

Being Homeless Facts

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