10 Facts about Being in Love

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Facts about Being in Love talk about the condition of the people when they are falling in love. Love is mystery. We do know how it works. Many people consider it as the most beautiful thing in the world. People look for the real love in life. When you fall in love, you feel happy all of the time. You always want to meet the person that you love much. Here are some interesting facts about being in love:

Facts about Being in Love 1: the serotonin hormone

The level of hormone serotonin is decreased when people are in love.

Facts about Being in Love 2: the oldest love song

The love song is one of the proofs when people fall in love.   Do you know that the oldest love song in the world was written in an area located between the Euphrates River and Tigris River around 4,000 years ago?

Being in Love Facts

Being in Love Facts

Facts about Being in Love 3: the intimate rendezvous

The intimate rendezvous is declined by more than 78 percent of women when they have not shaved the under arms or legs.

Facts about Being in Love 4: the feminist

It is very surprising to know that the feminists have more opportunities to be involved with a romantic relationship than any other women.

Being in Love Pic

Being in Love Pic

Facts about Being in Love 5: the process

The people who are in love cannot think straight. They believe that the process is of out of their control. They often tell the love story in overwhelming ways to their friends and relatives.

Facts about Being in Love 6: falling in love

Falling in love is not bad. It can increase nerve level of growth for around one year. Moreover, it also gives you the calming effect. The nervous system can be restored too. Check facts about Aries Woman here.

Being in Love Image

Being in Love Image

Facts about Being in Love 7: making a love connection

Making a love connection is easy to do. You can go for online dating or you can do it in the airport. The online survey finds out that the No. 1 best airport to make a love connection is at the Philadelphia International Airport.

Facts about Being in Love 8: the beard of men

The growth of men’s beard is affected by sex. When he anticipates sex, the beard grows fastest.

Being in Love

Being in Love

Facts about Being in Love 9: being dumped

The nightmare of falling in love is when are being dumped. We love the person who dumps or rejects us more in a certain period of time. Get facts about being pregnant here.

Facts about Being in Love 10: the office romance

The main reason why the office romance is very common is due to the high level of proximity. You always with the person every single day and it creates closeness and comfort.

Facts about Being in Love

Facts about Being in Love

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