10 Facts about Being President

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Let me show you the interesting Facts about Being President in the following explanation.  Many people want to become a president in their own country.  They will have big responsibility to increase every sector in the country. Being a president is not easy because you have to be qualified enough. The candidates for the president should follow the rules and qualification.

Facts about Being President 1: a president

Who is president actually? He or she is considered as the leader of a country.  The country can be in democracy, republic or dictatorship.

Facts about Being President 2: the original term

The term president actually was used to call the officer in a meeting or ceremony.  In the modern day, people call the president to refer to the executive official.

Facts about Being President

Facts about Being President

Facts about Being President 3: the common title

The common title to call the head of the state in most republics in the world is president. We use this term for the parliamentary republics, semi presidential republics or even presidential republics. Get facts about aristocracy here.

Facts about Being President 4: the election

The government which uses the democratic system usually will elect the president for specific period of time. The armed forces in the nation usually are under the command of the president in many countries in the world. Therefore, the president is also called as the commander in chief.

Being President

Being President

Facts about Being President 5: the Mexican president

The popular vote is used as the foundation to elect the president in Mexico. Therefore, the candidate earns the most votes. He or she will serve for six years.

Facts about Being President 6: the Brazilian president

The president in Brazil will serve for four years. It is also elected based on the most votes. The winner should earn more that 50 percent of the valid votes.



Facts about Being President 7: the semi presidential system

Some people also call the semi presidential system as the French system. In this system, the day to day power has a significant impact on the president.

Facts about Being President 8: Charles de Gaulle

Charles de Gaulle was the person who developed the variants of French semi presidential system. It is not only used in France, but also in Russia, Finland, Sri Lanka, and Romania. Get facts about Australian government here.

Being President Facts

Being President Facts

Facts about Being President 9: the parliamentary republic

The countries which use the parliamentary republic include Austria, Czech Republic, Israel, Ireland, Iceland, India, Poland, Turkey, Germany, Italy, Hungary, Malta, Pakistan, Greece and Singapore.

Facts about Being President 10: a single head of state

There are several countries in the world which do not have a single leader of state. Those are the former Soviet Union, Switzerland, and Captain Regent of San Marino.

Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton

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