10 Facts about Beirut

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Let me show you the largest city and capital of Lebanon in facts about Beirut. The exact population of Beirut remains unknown today because the census population has not been conducted. But the report in 2007 stated that this city probably was inhabited by 1 million people. If you want to know the location, government and culture of the people who live in Beirut, check the following facts about Beirut below:

Facts about Beirut 1: the location

The location of Beirut is at the Mediterranean coast of Lebanon. It stands on the midpoint. Due to the strategic location, Beirut is called as the primary seaport. It is the largest one is Lebanon.

Facts about Beirut 2: the people who live in Beirut

Based on the ancient Egyptian Tell el Amarna, Beirut was occupied by the people since 15th century BC.

Beirut Central District

Beirut Central District

Facts about Beirut 3: the government

The seat of the government in Lebanon is located in Beirut. Therefore, the city is called as the center of the economy in the country because there are many companies, corporations and banks located here. You can find them in Rue Verdun, Hamra Street, and Ashrafieh.

Facts about Beirut 4: the civil war

The civil war in Lebanon caused a lot of damages and destruction in the city. Therefore, the major reconstruction is still applied in the cultural landscape of Beirut.

Beirut Facts

Beirut Facts

Facts about Beirut 5: a Beta World City

Globalization and World Cities Research Network ranks Beirut as the Beta World City due to the law, finance, banking, accountancy and advertising. Find out another city in Beijing facts.

Facts about Beirut 6: the economy

The economy of Beirut is focuses on the service sector. The tourism and banking are growing in the city.



Facts about Beirut 7: the banking center

Beirut is also called as the banking center for the Arab wealth because of the wonderful interest rates, baking secrecy law and solid gold backed currency. Other sources of economy in the city include trade and publishing.

Facts about Beirut 8: the nickname

Beirut was called as The Paris of the Middle East before the civil war occurred in the city. Many people came to Beirut to enjoy the city. Now the tourism is still decreased. Due to the political turmoil and car bombings, it is included in the travel warning list in US.

Beirut Pictures

Beirut Pictures

Facts about Beirut 9: Beirut tourism scene

Beirut tourism scene is centralized on the Beirut Central District.  You can see the combination of Venetian Gothic and French Architecture. Get facts about Baton Rouge here.

Facts about Beirut 10: what you can find in the district

The district features different kinds of cafes, pubs, resto, and shopping stores.

Facts about Beirut

Facts about Beirut

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