10 Facts about Belarus

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Facts about Belarus talk about the landlocked country in Eastern Europe.   The official name of this country is Republic of Belarus. It is bordered by Ukraine to the south, Russia to the northeast, Latvia and Lithuania to the northwest and Poland to the west. Let’s find out more interesting facts about Belarus below:

Facts about Belarus 1: the major cities in Belarus

The major cities in Belarus are Homiel, Brest, Mahilyow, Hrodna, Minsk, and Vitsebsk. The capital city of Belarus is Minsk.

Facts about Belarus 2: the forest

Belarus is very green. The report states that the forested area in the country occupies 40 percent of the total landmass. It is around 80,200 square miles or 207,600 square kilometers. Get facts about Bangladesh here.

Belarus at Night

Belarus at Night

Facts about Belarus 3: the economy

The economic sector of Belarus lies on the manufacturing and service industries.

Facts about Belarus 4: the democracy index rating

Even though Belarus is located in Europe, the index rating for the democracy is very low. The Freedom House called it as Not Free country. The Index of Economic Freedom calls it Repressed Country.  Reporters without Borders called it as the worst country for press freedom in Europe in 2013/2014.

Belarus Pic

Belarus Pic

Facts about Belarus 5: the population

You can find most people living in urban areas in Belarus. The areas are inhabited by around 9.49 million people. It occupies 70 percent of the people in Belarus.

Facts about Belarus 6: the people

Belarus is inhabited by 80 percent of ethnic Belarusian. But you can find the Ukrainians, Poles and Russians living in the country.

Belarus Facts

Belarus Facts

Facts about Belarus 7: the official languages

Can you mention the official languages of Belarus? There are two official languages in the country since the referendum in 1995. Both are Belarusian and Russian.

Facts about Belarus 8: the religion

The main religion in Belarus is Eastern Orthodox Christianity. But it is not called as the official religion in the country.

Facts about Belarus

Facts about Belarus

Facts about Belarus 9: Slavianski Bazaar

Slavianski Bazaar is an annual cultural festival held in Vitebsk.   You can find out a lot of local actors, writers, musicians, performers, and artists take part in the festival.

Facts about Belarus 10: Independence Day and Victory Day

Other important days are Independence Day and Victory Day. People will enjoy the military parades and fireworks.

Belarus View

Belarus View

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