10 Facts about Belfast

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The largest city in Northern Ireland is explained in Facts about Belfast. It is also considered as the capital. The word Belfast was taken from the Irish word, Béal Feirste. It means mouth of the sandanks. The city center and most parts of the city are located in County Antrim. But other areas are situated inside County Down. Here are other interesting facts about Belfast for you:

Facts about Belfast 1: the population

Belfast is included in 17th largest city in UK due to the population before 2015 council reform. In Ireland, it took the second largest city. Based on the census conducted in 2011, it was inhabited by 286,000 people.

Facts about Belfast 2: the city status

In 1888, Belfast was awarded with a city status. European Union defines the larger urban zone in Belfast with the population around 673,000 people.

Belfast Facts

Belfast Facts

Facts about Belfast 3: the linen industry

The linen industry in Ireland was centered in Belfast.  Therefore, it was called Linenopolis. This city was well known with the rope making, tobacco production and shipbuilding.

Facts about Belfast 4: the shipbuilding

The main shipbuilder in Belfast was Harland and Wolff. The company was recognized as the builder for the famous RMS Titanic.

Belfast History

Belfast History

Facts about Belfast 5: Belfast today

Today, Belfast is known as the center of education, business, laws, economy and industry. The areas around Victoria Square receive regeneration and expansion.

Facts about Belfast 6: the airports

You can find two big airports in Belfast. You can find Belfast International Airport located 24 kilometer from the west of the city. The George Best Belfast City Airport is located inside the city. Get facts about Beirut here.

Belfast Pic

Belfast Pic

Facts about Belfast 7: the football teams

There are four football teams based on Belfast. Those are Crusaders F.C, Glentoran F.C., Cliftonville F.C and Linfield F.C.

Facts about Belfast 8: the cultural events

The cultural events in Belfast are very popular in the world. Based on the report in 2004 to 2005, there were 1.8 million people coming to Belfast to see the cultural events.



Facts about Belfast 9: Ulster Orchestra

One of the famous orchestras in Belfast is Ulster Orchestra. It takes the record as the only full time symphony orchestra in Northern Ireland.  The orchestra was established in 1966.

Facts about Belfast 10: the venues

If you come to Belfast, don’t forget to visit the famous venues in the city center such as The Hercules Bar and Kelly’s Cellars. Get facts about Bath England here.

Facts about Belfast

Facts about Belfast

The famous people who come from Belfast are John Stewart Bell, Gerry Adams, Christopher Brunt, Patrick Carlin and many more. Do you enjoy reading facts about Belfast?

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