10 Facts about Belgium

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Get Facts about Belgium if you want to know the Belgian chocolate, population, official language, famous inventions and sport. The Kingdom of Belgium is considered as the official name of the country. There are four countries which share the border of Belgium. Those are the Netherlands, France, Luxembourg and Germany. Here are some interesting facts about Belgium below:

Facts about Belgium 1: the area and population

Belgium has the total area of 11,787 miles square or 30,528 km square. As of July 2013, the country is occupied by 10.5 million people.  Today, Belgium is called as one of the most populous countries in the world.

Facts about Belgium 2: the official languages

Belgium has three official languages. Those are German, French and Dutch. More than 40 percent of the people who live in the south of Wallonia region speak French. More than 60 percent of the people who live in the north of Flanders area speak Dutch. The minority people speak German.

Facts about Belgium

Facts about Belgium

Facts about Belgium 3: Brussels

Brussels is the capital city of Belgium. It is also called as the largest city in the country. It is inhabited by 1.2 million people. NATO headquarter is located in Brussels. This city is also appointed as the capital for the European Union.

Facts about Belgium 4: the concentration of the people

Most people in Belgium decide to live in the city. More than 97 percent of the urban area is inhabited by the Belgian people.



Facts about Belgium 5: the scientists

There are several famous scientists who come from Belgium. Those include the anatomist Andreas Vesalius and cartographer Gerardus Mercator. Get facts about Barbados here.

Facts about Belgium 6: spa

Spa is one of the important ways to keep the body fit, beautiful and healthy. The word spa that we often hear today is derived from the town of Spa in Belgium. In the past, the ancient Romans came to the town to bathe.

Belgium Picture

Belgium Picture

Facts about Belgium 7: chocolate

The Belgian chocolate is very famous in the world. Jean Neuhaus invented Praline chocolate in 1912 in Brussels.

Facts about Belgium 8: the largest exporter

Chocolate is one of the biggest exports of Belgium.  The most chocolate of Belgium is sold in the shops located inside Brussels International airport. The country can produce 220,000 tonnes of chocolate each year. Find out facts about Belarus here.

Belgium Pic

Belgium Pic

Facts about Belgium 9: beer

Another famous product from Belgium is beer. The country has around 1100 different beers.

Facts about Belgium 10: waffles

If you come to Belgium, don’t forget to taste the waffles. There are three types of waffles to try. You can pick Brussels waffles, liege waffles and galettes waffles.

Belgium Facts

Belgium Facts

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