10 Facts about Believer’s Baptism

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Facts about Believer’s Baptism present the information about the Christian baptism conducted by Protestant churches. The person baptized here is based on the or her admission to the local community of faith or based on her or his profession of faith to Jesus. Let’s find out more interesting facts about Believer’s Baptism below:

Facts about Believer’s Baptism 1: the ways to perform baptism

There are several ways to perform baptism. It can be conducted by affusion, immersion or aspersion. The sprinkling is called aspersion. The affusion is conducted by pouring the water.

Facts about Believer’s Baptism 2: the adult baptism

Believer’s Baptism is conducted for the adults. But the children can have Believer’s Baptism as long as he or she is old enough to follow the faith.

Believer's Baptism Facts

Believer’s Baptism Facts

Facts about Believer’s Baptism 3: the rites

Some people believed that there were two rites from the liturgical churches combined in Believer’s Baptism. Both are the infant baptism and confirmation. The Anglican, Orthodox, Lutheran and Roman Catholic churches are included in the liturgical churches.

Facts about Believer’s Baptism 4: the difference of Believer’s Baptism and infant baptism

Believer’s Baptism and infant baptism is totally different.  The baptisand is not following a certain profession of faith in infant baptism.

Facts about  Believer's Baptism

Facts about Believer’s Baptism

Facts about Believer’s Baptism 5: the practice

The practice of Believer’s Baptism can be seen when the child has been granted with the status of adult.

Facts about Believer’s Baptism 6: the mode of Believer’s Baptism

Immersion is considered as the most mode of Believer’s Baptism.  This baptism type of conducted by lowering the body of the baptized completely on the water.

Believer's Baptism Picture

Believer’s Baptism Picture

Facts about Believer’s Baptism 7: the affusion

If you are not interested with immersion, you can select affusion. This baptism type is simple because the water is only sprinkled or poured on the baptisand. Get facts about baptism here.

Facts about Believer’s Baptism 8: the physical disabilities

If the person has the physical disability, there is no need for them to do the immersion. Some people decide to pour the water on the baptisand. But some people believe that this act of pouring the water cannot be grated as a baptism unless the person does the immersion.

Believer's Baptism Pic

Believer’s Baptism Pic

Facts about Believer’s Baptism 9: the full church membership

In some cases, those who want to perform the believer’s baptism should have the full church membership. Get facts about Baptist here.

Facts about Believer’s Baptism 10: the argument of believer baptism

There was a debate between the believer’s baptism and infant baptism. The Believer’s Baptism believes that there are no instances of infant baptism in New Testament. On the other hand, the infant baptism believes that an infant baptism is conducted based on the book of Acts.

Believer's Baptism Image

Believer’s Baptism Image

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