10 Facts about Belize

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Facts about Belize explain the information about the country located in eastern coast of Central America. On the south and west, it is bordered by Guatemala. The Caribbean Sea is on the east. On the north, you can find Mexico City bordering Belize.  The only county in Central America which uses English as the official language is Belize. But some people in Belize also use Spanish and Belizean creol as the spoken languages. Here are some interesting facts about Belize for you:

Facts about Belize 1: the land area

Belize has the total land area at 8,800 square miles or 22,800 square kilometers.   If you check the mainland, it has the width at 68 miles or 110 km and length at 180 miles or 290 km. The population of this country is around 340,844 people.

Facts about Belize 2: Mesoamerican Biological Corridor

Belize is used as the Mesoamerican Biological Corridor due to the high diversity of marine and terrestrial species. The ecosystem in the country is wonderful to learn. Get facts about Bahrain here.

Facts about Belize

Facts about Belize

Facts about Belize 3: the history

The history of Belize is very rich for it comes in different languages and cultures.  In the past, Belize was a part of British Empire.

Facts about Belize 4: the name of the country

In the past, Belize was called British Honduras. The name was used in 1862 till 1973. In 1981, it became an independent Commonwealth realm where the Queen became the head of the state. Find out Bahamas facts here.

Belize Pic

Belize Pic

Facts about Belize 5: September Celebrations

September Celebrations is famous in Belize. People love to come to Belize to enjoy the celebration.

Facts about Belize 6: the economy

Even though Belize is not a big country, the economy is great. The earning of the people mostly is taken from the export of agro based industry, agriculture, petroleum and crude oil. The construction and tourism industries are growing now.

Belize Image

Belize Image

Facts about Belize 7: the main crops

The main crop in Belize is sugar. More than half of the exports are sugar. Another important agricultural export is banana.

Facts about Belize 8: the commercial banks

There are four commercial banks in Belize. Those are Scotiabank, FirstCaribbean International Bank, Atlantic Bank, and Heritage Bank.

Belize Beaches

Belize Beaches

Facts about Belize 9: Belize Barrier Reef

The most interesting place to visit in Belize is Belize Barrier Reef. You can do many activities here such as snorkeling, boating, swimming, scuba diving, kayaking and rafting.

Facts about Belize 10: the cuisine

The common breakfast served in Belize include flour tortillas, bread and fry jacks.

Belize Facts

Belize Facts

Are you impressed reading facts about Belize?

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