10 Facts about Bella Swan

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Facts about Bella Swan talk about the famous characters in Twilight. She is the main female character. She was born as Isabella Marie Sawn. But she likes to be called Bella. Later, she was known as Bella Cullen.  The novel Twilight is best seller. It was adapted into movies. People love it much. Here are some interesting facts about Bella Swan:

Facts about Bella Swan 1: The Twilight series

If you are interested to read The Twilight series, you have to check Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn.

Facts about Bella Swan 2: the narration

If you check out the novel and movies, most of them are narrated based on the point of Bella Swan. Find an interesting characters in Barbie Dolls facts.

Bella Swan Pic

Bella Swan Pic

Facts about Bella Swan 3: the movie

The movie Twilight features Bella Swan. She is portrayed by Kristen Stewart.

Facts about Bella Swan 4: the Cullen family

The Cullen family is a mysterious family that Bella encountered when she moved with his father in Forks, Washington. In the city, she fell in love with Edward Cullen. The character is portrayed by Robert Pattison.

Bella Swan

Bella Swan

Facts about Bella Swan 5: vampires

Finally Bella Swan realized that the Cullen family was vampire. Since she fell in love with Edward Cullen, she had the desire to become a vampire.

Facts about Bella Swan 6: Jacob Black

Bella also had a love relation with Jacob Black. He was a member Quileute tribe. He could change his body into a wolf. Even though Jacob also loved her, she loved Edward more.

Facts about Bella Swan

Facts about Bella Swan

Facts about Bella Swan 7: engagement and marriage

If you check the Eclipse, finally Edward and Bella engaged. She decided to marry him. Edward changed her into a vampire after she could not make it during the delivery of the baby.

Facts about Bella Swan 8: who is Bella Swan?

Bella Swan in Twilight was a 17 year old girl. She had to live with her father in Forks from her mother’s home in Phoenix, Arizona.

Bella Swan Twilight

Bella Swan Twilight

Facts about Bella Swan 9: physical appearance

Bella Swan was described with brown hair and pale skin. She had heart shaped face and chocolate brown eyes. When he was bitten by James, it left her a small crescent shaped scar located at her wrist or arm.

Facts about Bella Swan 10: a vampire

She became a vampire after her husband changed her into a vampire. Her eyes turned red. She was more beautiful after she became a vampire. She had smoother and paler skin. Find out another movie in facts about Batman Begins.

Bella Swan Facts

Bella Swan Facts

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