10 Facts about Belle Starr

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Check the interesting information about the famous American outlaw in Facts about Belle Starr. She was born on 5 February 1848 as Myra Maybelle Shirley. She passed away on 3 February 1889. During her life, she was always linked with James Younger gang. In 1883, this woman was accused of stealing horse.  Let’s find out more interesting facts about Belle Starr below:

Facts about Belle Starr 1: the popular character

Belle Stars became the popular character in various movies and TV after Richard Fox made a story about her.

Facts about Belle Starr 2: the place of birth

Let’s find out the place of birth of Belle Starr.  Her mother gave birth to her on the farm located near Carthage, Missouri.  She was named Myra Maybelle Shirley. Her nickname was May.

Facts about Belle Starr

Facts about Belle Starr

Facts about Belle Starr 3: parents

Her mother was Eliza Hatfield, while her father was John Shirley. The family relocated to Carthage after her father decided to sell the farm in 1860s. Her father used the money to buy an inn and lived in the town square.

Facts about Belle Starr 4: the education

Belle had a great education even though she was female. She was trained to study piano and classical subjects. She also went to Carthage Female Academy in Missouri.

Belle Starr Pic

Belle Starr Pic

Facts about Belle Starr 5: moving to Scyene

The family decided to move to Scyene, Texas in 1864 because of the civil war. The legend states that Belle was connected to The Youngers, Jesse James and other Missouri born outlaws when she moved to Scyene.

Facts about Belle Starr 6: the fact about James and Youngers

The legend about it is not true since Belle had already known the James Boys and Younger Brothers since all of them grew up together in Missouri. Get facts about Belle Boyd here.

Belle Starr Facts

Belle Starr Facts

Facts about Belle Starr 7: Captain Shirley

Captain Shirley was the brother of Belle. The local confederate sympathizers call him Captain Shirley. His name actually was Bud Shirley. Finally he shot and skill by the Union army.

Facts about Belle Starr 8: the Reed family

In 1866, Belle married Jim Reed when his family decided to move to Scyene. She gave birth Rosie Leed two years after the marriage.

Belle Starr

Belle Starr

Facts about Belle Starr 9: the fashion

The fashion style of Belle was inspiring. She dressed in black velvet and wore a plumed hat. She used a cartridge belt around the hips and carried two pistols. Find out another figure in facts about Bear Grylls here.

Facts about Belle Starr 10: another marriage

After the death of the husband, she married Sam Starr in 1880. He was a Cherokee man.  She lived with him in the Indian area.

Belle Starr Bandit

Belle Starr Bandit

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