10 Facts about Belly Dancing

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If you want to know one of the most famous types of dancing in the world, read Facts about Belly Dancing. Have you seen belly dancing before? This type of dance is very difficult to learn since you have to move the belly perfectly. There are different forms of belly dancing. It depends on the region and country. The style of dancing and costume is varied. Let’s find out more interesting facts about belly dancing below:

Facts about Belly Dancing 1: what is belly dance?

Let’s define the belly dance first if you have never seen this type of dancing before.  The focus of the movement is on the hips. Therefore, belly dance is recognized as the torso driven dance.

Facts about Belly Dancing 2: the categories of movement

There are several types of movement recognized in belly dance.  The first one is the Percussive movements. This movement involves the movement of the hips to punctuate the beat or music. The second one is the fluid movement. It is used to interpret the lyrics or melodic line. The body will have the continuous movement. The continuous, small and fast movement is called the vibration, shivers and shimmies. Find out another dancing style in facts about ballet.

Belly Dancing Facts

Belly Dancing Facts

Facts about Belly Dancing 3: other movements

There are other movements that the belly dancer use to make the dancing more dramatic and to give wonderful appearance on the body such as the traveling steps, low kicks, backbends, arabesques, spins, turns and head tosses.

Facts about Belly Dancing 4: the Middle East

There is a very long history of belly dancing in Middle East. But there is still lack of evidence to say that this dance was originated from Middle East.

Belly Dancing Picture

Belly Dancing Picture

Facts about Belly Dancing 5: the Ottoman Empire

The belly dancers often performed in Topkapi Palace for the harem during the Ottoman Empire.

Facts about Belly Dancing 6: belly dance in Middle East

If we check belly dance in Middle East, there are two social contexts about it. The people in Middle East can see it as a performance art or a social or folk dance.

Belly Dancing Pic

Belly Dancing Pic

Facts about Belly Dancing 7: the folk or social context

The common people can perform belly dance for the social gathering or other celebration. There is no need for them to use the special dancing costume. They can wear the ordinary clothes during the social celebration.

Facts about Belly Dancing 8: the performance art

If the belly dancing is for the art performance, the professional belly dancers will perform it using special technique. They also wear the special costume to make the performance enticing.

Facts about Belly Dancing

Facts about Belly Dancing

Facts about Belly Dancing 9: the respect

There is a little respect for the professional performance in Middle East. The actors, singers and dancers are not included as respectable people for they display the body in public. Get facts about being an artist here.

Facts about Belly Dancing 10: belly dance in Turkey

The characteristics of belly dance in Turkey are playful and lively. It has more energy compared to the Egyptian style.

Belly Dancing

Belly Dancing

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