10 Facts about Beluga Whales

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If you want to know the smallest whale on earth, you have to check Facts about Beluga Whales.  The population of beluga whales drops from time to time due to the extensive hunting and climate change. You can find them living in the subarctic region and Arctic oceans. The beluga whales decide to migrate to the south to find out the warmer water. They will migrate when the ice starts to form and the water is cold. Let’s find out more interesting facts about beluga whales below:

Facts about Beluga Whales 1: the extensive hunting

Beluga whales are extensively hunted by human being.  The people will take skin and meat of beluga whales.

Facts about Beluga Whales 2: the environmental change

The environmental change which includes the climate change, ocean pollution and oil spills also affect the number of the beluga whales. Therefore, this animal is included in the threatened species.

Beluga Whale Color

Beluga Whale Color

Facts about Beluga Whales 3: the size

As I have stated before, beluga whales are considered as the smallest whales in the world. The weight is only 2,000 to 3,000 pounds. The length is only 13 to 20 feet. The appearance of beluga whales reminds you with the large dolphins.

Facts about Beluga Whales 4: the appearance

Beluga whales have the bulbous forehead. Some people call it melon. The skin has white color. This animal can blow the air through the sinus by changing the forehead shape.

Beluga Whales

Beluga Whales

Facts about Beluga Whales 5: mammal

If you think that a beluga whale is a fish, you are wrong. It is included as a mammal. Just like other mammals, the skin of beluga whales is covered with hair.

Facts about Beluga Whales 6: the heart

The heart of beluga whales is very big.  The weight can reach 12 pounds. Find out facts about Barracudas here.

Beluga Whale Pic

Beluga Whale Pic

Facts about Beluga Whales 7: the neck

The neck of beluga whales is flexible. They can move the head in free direction for the vertebrate of the neck are not fused.

Facts about Beluga Whales 8: the dorsal fin

You will not find any dorsal fin on the body of beluga whales.   Therefore, the animals can live well in the cold waters. But these animals have theorsal ridge.

Beluga Whale Mouth

Beluga Whale Mouth

Facts about Beluga Whales 9: the thick body

Since beluga whales live in a very cold environment, they have thick skin and thick layer of blubber. Do you know that the first type of bulletproof vest is made of the skin of beluga whales? Get facts about barnacles here.

Facts about Beluga Whales 10: the diving

Beluga whales can stay underwater up to the depth of 0.5 mile for 25 minutes.

Facts about Beluga Whales

Facts about Beluga Whales

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