10 Facts about Ben E King

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“Stand by Me” is one of the most popular songs in United States in 1961 and 1986.  Ben E King is the singer of the song. He also co-composed it. The following article will discuss facts about Ben E King. He was born on 28th September 1938 and died on 30th April 2015. The public recognized him as a soul and R&B singer. His full name is Benjamin Earl King. “Save the Last Dance for Me” was the number one hit single in United States whose lead vocal in the song was provided by King. The Drifters was the R&B vocal group where King became one of the lead vocals. Check other facts about Ben E King below:

Facts about Ben E King 1: the birthplace

The birthplace of King was located in Henderson, North Carolina. His birth name was Benjamin Earl Nelson.

Facts about Ben E King 2: the early life

In 1947, he relocated to Harlem, New York. King was 9 years old at that time.

Ben E King Pic

Ben E King Pic

Facts about Ben E King 3: singing

King was a member of a church choir. A doo-wop group called the Four B’s was established during his school year. The group’s performance was spotted at the Apollo. Look at facts about Duke of Ellington here.

Facts about Ben E King 4: the Five Crowns

King became a part of the Five Crowns in 1958. The members of the Five Crowns replaced the position of all members of the Drifters after the formers members were fired by George Treadwell, the manager.

Ben E King

Ben E King

Facts about Ben E King 5: career with the Drifters

He had amazing career with the Drifters. He recorded 13 songs with the group. On 19 May 1960, he recorded the last song with the Drifters with the title “Sometimes I Wonder”. In June 1962, the song was issued in the market.

Facts about Ben E King 6: the dispute

King and Lover Patterson, his manager demanded higher compensation from Treadwell due to the contract dispute. Thus, King was rarely seen when the Drifters was on TV or tour.

Facts about Ben E King

Facts about Ben E King

Facts about Ben E King 7: a solo career

King had a solo career after leaving the Drifters in May 1960. He chose Ben E. King as the stage name following his departure. Get facts about dubstep here.

Facts about Ben E King 8: the first solo hit

“Spanish Harlem” was the first solo hit of King released in 1961.

Ben E King Facts

Ben E King Facts

Facts about Ben E King 9: “Stand by Me”

“Stand by me” was the next hit of King. RIAA enlisted as one of the Songs of the Century.

Facts about Ben E King 10: the writers of “Stand by Me”

Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller wrote, “Stand by Me”.

Ben E King Album

Ben E King Album

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