10 Facts about Benedictine Rule

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Facts about Benedictine Rule talk about the rule of Saint Benedict. People often call it Regular Benedict. The person who wrote this book of precepts was Saint Benedict of Nursia. He lived circa 480 to 547. The function of the Benedictine rule is to guide the way of living of the monks based on the authority of an abbot. Let’s find out more interesting facts about Benedictine Rule below:

Facts about Benedictine Rule 1: the popularity

The Benedictine Rule is popular among the monks for these precepts can bridge the formulaic institutionalism and individual zeal.

Facts about Benedictine Rule 2: the spirit

There are two popular mottos which can express the spirit of Benedictine rule. The first one is the famous ora et labora. It means pray and work. The second one is pax which means peace.

Benedictine Rule Pic

Benedictine Rule Pic

Facts about Benedictine Rule 3: the concerns of the Benedictine rules

The main concerns of the Benedictine rules are seen the function of monks to fully understand their environment regarding human being, nature and spiritual world.

Facts about Benedictine Rule 4: the founder of western monasticism

The founder of western monasticism was Saint Benedict.   He had used this rule for more than 15 centuries. However, there is no exact proof whether the saint wanted to create a religious order. The Order of Saint Benedict was established in the middle Ages.

Benedictine Rule Facts

Benedictine Rule Facts

Facts about Benedictine Rule 5: the guidance

The people who used Benedictine rule as the guidance include Benedictine Houses, autonomous communities and individuals.

Facts about Benedictine Rule 6: the advantages and disadvantages

The Benedictine rules gave advantages and disadvantages for the followers. One of the weaknesses lies on the geographical isolation when the adjacent communities had special activities. The benefit can be seen on the autonomy.

Facts about Benedictine Rule

Facts about Benedictine Rule

Facts about Benedictine Rule 7: during the Middle Ages

During the middle ages, the clergy was considered as the group who could live in high comfort.

Facts about Benedictine Rule 8: the monk

When we talk about Benedictine rule, we should never forget about the monk. They were the men who decided to devote their life to God. The signature dress for a monk was in loose brown robe that they secured using a cord on the waist.

Benedictine Rule

Benedictine Rule

Facts about Benedictine Rule 9: the three vows

There are three vows that the monks that to take based on the Benedictine rule. They are the vow of obedience, vow of chastity and vow of poverty.

Facts about Benedictine Rule 10: the abbot

Who was the abbot? He was the ruler or head of the monastery.   Based on the Benedictine rules, the monks should obey the abbot, should not marry and should not own goods. Get facts about Believer’s Baptism here.

Benedictine Rule Picture

Benedictine Rule Picture

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