10 Facts about Bengal Cats

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Facts about Bengal Cats talk about one of the most popular domestic cat breeds. This Bengal cat resembles the look of margays, ocelots, leopards and clouded leopards.  At the back and sides of the body, you can find the rosette spots on the breed. You can also find some stripes. Let’s find out more facts about Bengal cats below:

Facts about Bengal Cats 1: appearance

Let’s find out the appearance of Bengal cats.  The coat resembles the leopard cat. You can find the wild marking on the coat. The belly comes in light or white color. You can also find the rosettes and large spots.

Facts about Bengal Cats 2: mascara

One of the interesting features to find on the Bengal cat is the horizontal striping located on the eyes. People call it mascara.

Facts about Bengal Cats

Facts about Bengal Cats

Facts about Bengal Cats 3: the colors

Most Bengal cats are in snow spotted or brown spotted color. You can find the spotted or marble marking on the brown Bengal cats.  The snow Bengal cats have blue eyes and other eye colors.  They can come in spotted or marble look.

Facts about Bengal Cats 4: the Bengal cats’ colors

If you check the Bengal cat colors based on the International Cat Association, there are several colors to consider. Those are sepia, brown, mink, seal lynx point and silver. The patterns come in two different options. Both are marbled and spotted. Get facts about bearded dragon here.

Bengal Cat
Bengal Cat

Facts about Bengal Cats 5: the temperament

If you are interested to have a cat, you have to check the temperament. Bengal cat is famous as a gentle domestic car.

Facts about Bengal Cats 6: the smart cat

Bengal cats are agile and active. You can train them to open the window, door or even cabinet. There is no need to wonder when you find the Bengal cats climbing the top places of the house.

Bengal Cat Size

Bengal Cat Size

Facts about Bengal Cats 7: the size

Bengal cats can come in the height around 16 inches. In average, they have the weight around 10 to 16 pounds.

Facts about Bengal Cats 8: the ideal companion

Bengal cats can be the perfect companions for the experienced cats owners and active families. If you are having dogs at home, it is okay to have Bengal cat at home.

Bengal Cat Pic

Bengal Cat Pic

Facts about Bengal Cats 9: the popularity

Bengal cats are popular due to some reasons. They are very vocal, agile, active, smart and highly intelligent. But they are demanding. Get facts about beavers here.

Facts about Bengal Cats 10: interaction

Even though Bengal cats are very popular, the cats are not for everyone. If you are not an active family, please don’t choose this cat. Bengal cats demand you to do interaction with them. Therefore, you need to devote some time to play with the cats.

Bengal Cat Eyes

Bengal Cat Eyes

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