10 Facts about Bengal Tigers

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If you want to know the abundant tiger subspecies in the world, check Facts about Bengal Tigers. The scientific name of this tiger is Panthera tigris tigris. The people called it Royal Tiger in the past. But the population of Bengal tiger is decreased as of 2011. The number of the population is less than 2,500 individuals. Here are some interesting facts about Bengal tigers below:

Facts about Bengal Tigers 1: the status

The population of Bengal tiger is reduced due to the habitat loss and hunting.  Therefore, the status of this animal is endangered since 2010.

Facts about Bengal Tigers 2: Bengal tigers in India

The number of Bengal tiger in India was around 1,706 to 1,909 individuals based on the report in 2010. In Bhutan, it was around 67 to 81 individuals, while in Bangladesh it was around 440 individuals.

Bengal Tiger Facts

Bengal Tiger Facts

Facts about Bengal Tigers 3: the national animal

The countries which select Bengal tiger are the national animals include Bangladesh and India.

Facts about Bengal Tigers 4: the colors

Let’s find out the color of Bengal tigers. The coat can come in light orange to yellow color.   The body also has stripes in black or dark brown. You can find white color located on the interior part or belly. The black ring can be seen on the orange tail. Get more facts about Beavers here.

Facts about Bengal Tigers

Facts about Bengal Tigers

Facts about Bengal Tigers 5: the length of Bengal tiger

The female Bengal tiger has the length around 94 to 104 inches. In average, the male Bengal tiger has the total length around 110 to 120 inches.

Facts about Bengal Tigers 6: the weight of Bengal tiger

The male Bengal tiger has more weight than the female. In average, the female Bengal tigers have the weight around 220 to 350 lbs. The male Bengal tigers have the weight at 397 to 569 lbs.

Bengal Tiger Pic

Bengal Tiger Pic

Facts about Bengal Tigers 7: the smallest Bengal tiger ever recorded

The smallest Bengal tigers ever recorded were the female Bengal tigers with the weight around 165 to 176 lbs.  They were from Bangladesh Sundarbans.

Facts about Bengal Tigers 8: the Bengal tigers in Indian subcontinent

The habitat of Bengal tiger in Indian subcontinent is located in mangroves, upland forest, tropical dry forest, grassland, and moist deciduous forest.

Bengal Tiger Jumps

Bengal Tiger Jumps

Facts about Bengal Tigers 9: the Bengal tigers in Bangladesh

If you want to spot Bengal tigers in Bangladesh, you can check them on the Chittagong Hill Tracts and Sundarbans. Get facts about Bengal cats here.

Facts about Bengal Tigers 10: the Bengal tiger in Nepal

The largest concentration of Bengal tigers in Nepal is located in Chitwan National Park and Parsa Wildlife Reserve.

Bengal Tiger

Bengal Tiger

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