10 Facts about Benito Mussolini

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If you are interested to know the dictator of Italy, you have to check Facts about Benito Mussolini. This man was born in Predappio, Italy on 29 July 1883. He passed away in Giulion di Mezzegra, Italy on 28 April 1945. He was famous as the founder of the Fascist Party. During the World War II, he was the ruler of Italy. Here are some interesting facts about Mussolini:

Facts about Benito Mussolini 1: the early life

His father influenced the way of thinking of the young Benito. His father had a blacksmith shop. The young Benito always helped his father in the shop. His father had his political point of view which affected the Benito when he grew up.

Facts about Benito Mussolini 2: the mother

The mother of Benito was a very religious woman. She worked as a school teacher.

Benito Mussolini Facts

Benito Mussolini Facts

Facts about Benito Mussolini 3: politics

Mussolini was interested with politics when he graduated from school in 1901. He began his career in political newspaper and socialist party.

Facts about Benito Mussolini 4: the jail time

Mussolini was not afraid to be put in jail when he organized strike to protest the government.

Facts about Benito Mussolini

Facts about Benito Mussolini

Facts about Benito Mussolini 5: the World War I

Italy entered world war I. Actually Mussolini objected it. Later, he supported the World War I for it would be good for the Italian people to enter the war. Therefore, he parted away from the socialist party who were against the war. In 1917, he was injured during the war.

Facts about Benito Mussolini 6: Fascist Party

Fascist Party was established by Mussolini.  The main objective of this party was to return the victory of the Roman Empire. In the ancient time, Roman Empire could control many parts of Europe.

Benito Mussolini Picture

Benito Mussolini Picture

Facts about Benito Mussolini 7: the dress code

Black Shirt was the dress code of the member of Fascist Party. All people would dress in all black clothes. The people who had different point of view with the Fascist party would be attacked. They worked in violent way.

Facts about Benito Mussolini 8: Fascism

What is fascism actually? It is a political ideology in which the people have to do what the government wants. There will be a dictator or leader which rules the fascist government. The people should support his decision without questions.

Benito Mussolini Italy

Benito Mussolini Italy

Facts about Benito Mussolini 9: taking the government

In 1922, the Italian government was taken over by Mussolini after he had much power and support. He had 30,000 Black Shirts to help him captured the government. Find out another figure in Adolf Hitler facts.

Facts about Benito Mussolini 10: the nickname

When he became the ruler, he was called II Duce. It means the leader.

Benito Mussolini Pic

Benito Mussolini Pic

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