10 Facts about Benjamin Franklin

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If you want to know one of the founding fathers in United States, you need to check Facts about Benjamin Franklin. He was not only a politician, but also a civic activist, scientist, postmaster, printer, author, diplomat, and statesman. He was born on 17 January 1705 and passed away on 17 April 1790. There were many tools that Franklin had invented. If you want to know more about him, check the following post below:

Facts about Benjamin Franklin 1: the inventions

Some of Franklin’s famous inventions include the Franklin stove, lightning rod, and bifocals.

Facts about Benjamin Franklin 2: the civic organization

This man also involved in various kinds of civic organizations.  He facilitated the establishment of a university and fire department in Philadelphia.

Benjamin Franklin Facts

Benjamin Franklin Facts

Facts about Benjamin Franklin 3: The First American

Franklin encouraged the people for the colonial unity. Therefore, he was called as the First American.  He became the first US ambassador for France. Get facts about Benjamin Rush here.

Facts about Benjamin Franklin 4: American ethos

The person who defined the American ethos was Franklin. He believed that the Americans should posses the community spirit, education, hard work, practical values of thrift, and tolerant values.

Facts about Benjamin Franklin

Facts about Benjamin Franklin

Facts about Benjamin Franklin 5: the working class

Franklin was not from a rich family. He came from the working class family and never felt ashamed about it. He was successful as a printer and newspaper editor.

Facts about Benjamin Franklin 6: Pennsylvania Chronicle

Pennsylvania Chronicle was published by Franklin along with his two partners.  The newspaper was intended to criticize the policies of Britain in America.

Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin

Facts about Benjamin Franklin 7: Bethlehem

One of his favorite places was Bethlehem. He had gone here several times. He liked to stay in Moravian Sun Inn.

Facts about Benjamin Franklin 8: University of Pennsylvania

University of Pennsylvania is one of the famous universities in America. Do you know that Franklin had a big role to form the university? Franklin was appointed as the governor of Pennsylvania in 1785 till 1788.

Benjamin Franklin Quote

Benjamin Franklin Quote

Facts about Benjamin Franklin 9: the famous scientist

Franklin was also a notable scientist. He established the wave theory of light. He was interested to do lightning experiments. Find out another scientist in facts about Benjamin Banneker here.

Facts about Benjamin Franklin 10: music

Franklin was also interested to study a lot about music. He was capable of playing guitar, harp and violin. He improved the glass harmonica and also created a music composition. This musical instrument developed by Franklin soon attracted the European people.

Benjamin Franklin Pic

Benjamin Franklin Pic

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