10 Facts about Benjamin Harrison

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Let me show you the 23rd president of US in Facts about Benjamin Harrison. He was in the office as a president in 1889 to 1893. He came from the Republican Party. He was inaugurated as at the president when he was 55 years old. His vice president at that time was Levi Morton. Let’s find out more interesting facts about Harrison by reading the following post below:

Facts about Benjamin Harrison 1: the date of birth

Benjamin Harrison was born in North Bend, Ohio on 20th August 1833. He passed away in Indianapolis, Indiana on 13 March 1901.

Facts about Benjamin Harrison 2: the personal life

His wife was Carilone Lavinia Scott Harrison.  He had three children. Those were Russell, Mary and Elizabeth.

Benjamin Harrison Facts

Benjamin Harrison Facts

Facts about Benjamin Harrison 3: the nickname

People often called Benjamin Harrison as Kid Gloves Harrison and Little Ben.

Facts about Benjamin Harrison 4: the fame

During his presidency, Benjamin Harrison was famous due to some reasons.  People often remember him as the president who signed the Sherman Antitrust Act. He was also the grandson of the 9th US president named William Henry Harrison.

Benjamin Harrison Pic

Benjamin Harrison Pic

Facts about Benjamin Harrison 5: the famous family

Benjamin Harrison was raised by a respectable family. His grandfather was the 9th US president. His father was the congressman. When Harrison was 7 years old, his grandfather was in the office. If you think that he was raised with a lot of wealth and cash, you are wrong. The young Harrison spent much of his time fishing, farming and hunting.

Facts about Benjamin Harrison 6: education and career

Harrison went to Miami University in Ohio. After he earned a degree from the university, he and his wife relocated to Indianapolis. He became the lawyer there after he could pass the bar examination.

Benjamin Harrison

Benjamin Harrison

Facts about Benjamin Harrison 7: the army

He had to leave his job as a lawyer due to the civil war. Harrison fought in the side of the Union army. He was the brigadier general when he left the army in 1865.

Facts about Benjamin Harrison 8: during his presidency

There were a lot of things happened during his presidency. There were additional six states joined US. Those were North Dakota, Montana, Idaho, Washington, South Dakota, and Wyoming. Find out facts about being president here.

Benjamin Harrison Picture

Benjamin Harrison Picture

Facts about Benjamin Harrison 9: The Sherman Antitrust Act

The Sherman Antitrust Act was signed by the president. The main objective of this act was to prevent the monopoly of the big companies. Find out another politician in facts about Benjamin Disraeli here.

Facts about Benjamin Harrison 10: leading the office

After he was not a president anymore, he came back as a lawyer. In 1901, he died at his home due to pneumonia.

Facts about Benjamin Harrison

Facts about Benjamin Harrison

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