10 Facts about Benjamin Lasnier

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Let me show about the famous social media star and singer in Facts about Benjamin Lasnier. You can find him very popular in Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Benzilers are called as the fan base for Benjamin Lasnier. When he was 13 years old, he started to upload his pictures and videos. If you are interested to know the profile and personal life of Lasnier, get the important facts below:

Facts about Benjamin Lasnier 1: the family life

His mother is Danish, while his father is French. Lasnier was born in Luxembourg. There are four children in the family and Lasnier is considered as the oldest one.

Facts about Benjamin Lasnier 2: a record deal

Due to his increasing popularity as a social media star, he signed a record deal in 2013 with Sony Music.

Benjamin Lasnier Facts

Benjamin Lasnier Facts

Facts about Benjamin Lasnier 3: the idol

Do you know that Lasnier idolizes Justin Bieber? Lasnier told his fans that one day he wanted to sing with Bieber. He considered Bieber as a big star. Find out an actor in Benedict Chumberbatch facts here.

Facts about Benjamin Lasnier 4: joining instagram

His cousin was the person who encouraged Lasnier to join Instagram.  At that time, both of them were sitting in a restaurant in the Easter day. He was 12 years old. Then he joined Instagram and posted a self photo and followed 10 friends. Then he had 50 likes after half an hour joining Instagram.

Benjamin Lasnier Pic

Benjamin Lasnier Pic

Facts about Benjamin Lasnier 5: resembling Justin Bieber

People always associate Lasnier with Justin Bieber because both have similar resemblance.  He has posted a lot of pictures on Instagram and people love them. Most pictures are the selfies picture.

Facts about Benjamin Lasnier 6: one of the most famous persons

He is considered as one of the most famous Instagram people in the world. When he was 13 years old, he has more than 762,000 followers. Get facts about Avan Jogia here.

Benjamin Lasnier Selfies

Benjamin Lasnier Selfies

Facts about Benjamin Lasnier 7: Benzilers

Benzilers are the fans of Lasnier.  The name was adapted from Beliebers who are the fan base of Justin Bieber.

Facts about Benjamin Lasnier 8: Merete

Merete is the mother of Lasnier. She became aware on his son’s popularity after some girls mobbed her in public.

Benjamin Lasnier

Benjamin Lasnier

Facts about Benjamin Lasnier 9: the record deal

Some people who do not like with Lasnier always say that Lasnier only has pretty face without any musical talent. It seems that Lasnier slams the haters by signing a record deal Sony Music.

Facts about Benjamin Lasnier 10: selfies

In a day, Lasnier can post 12 selfies. But now he has to limit his selfies to rebrand his image.

Facts about Benjamin Lasnier

Facts about Benjamin Lasnier

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