10 Facts about Benjamin Rush

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Facts about Benjamin Rush tell you about one of the founding fathers of United States. He was born on 4 January 1746 and passed away on 19 April 1813. He was famous as the person who established the Dickinson College in Pennsylvania. Rush was a social reformer, physician, political, humanitarian and educator. People recognize him as a civic leader in Philadelphia. Let’s find out more interesting facts about Benjamin Rush below:

Facts about Benjamin Rush 1: University of Pennsylvania

In the University of Pennsylvania, Rush was the professor of clinical practice, medical theory and chemistry.

Facts about Benjamin Rush 2: the founding father

Benjamin Rush is called as the founding father. He attended the Continental Congress. He was one of the people who signed the Declaration of Independence.

Benjamin Rush Facts

Benjamin Rush Facts

Facts about Benjamin Rush 3: the work in continental army

During his service in the continental army, he worked as a surgeon general.

Facts about Benjamin Rush 4: the reformation

Benjamin Rush was considered as a pioneer in various reforms on the education and medicine. In 1788, he became the leader of the ratification of constitution in Pennsylvania.

Benjamin Rush Image

Benjamin Rush Image

Facts about Benjamin Rush 5: slavery

Rush objected slavery. He wanted to abolish slavery. Moreover, he was concerned with education. He wanted to the women to get good education. He also wanted to have free public schools. Find out American slavery facts here.

Facts about Benjamin Rush 6: the public health

Rush was concerned with the public health. He wanted the people to focus on the personal and military hygiene as well as focusing on the clean environment.

Benjamin Rush Pic

Benjamin Rush Pic

Facts about Benjamin Rush 7: American psychiatry

Rush played an important role in the development of American psychiatry for he studied about mental disorder.

Facts about Benjamin Rush 8: parents

His mother was Susanna Hall, while his father was John Harvey Rush. There were seven children in the family.  He was the fourth child. The young Rush was raised by his parents in a plantation in Philadelphia County.

Benjamin Rush Pictures

Benjamin Rush Pictures

Facts about Benjamin Rush 9: good education

It seems that his parents concerned a lot with good education. Therefore, the young Benjamin had to live with his uncle and aunt to get good education. He was 8 years old at that time. Get facts about Benito Juarez here.

Facts about Benjamin Rush 10: the educational background

Rush got a Bachelor of Art degree from College of New Jersey. Then he got a M.D. degree from University of Edinburgh in Scotland after he studied there in 1766 till 1768.

Facts about Benjamin Rush

Facts about Benjamin Rush

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