10 Facts about Benny Goodman

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Find out facts about the notable American swing and jazz musician in Facts about Benny Goodman. Benjamin David Goodman is nicknamed as the King of Swing. He was born on 20 May 1909 and passed away on 13 June 1986. He established as one of the famous musical groups in America in the mid 1930s. If you are interested to know more about Goodman, check the following post below:

Facts about Benny Goodman 1: the incredible music concert

One of his incredible music concerts which amazed the critic Bruce Eder was performed at Carnegie Hall in New York City on 16 January 1938.

Facts about Benny Goodman 2: the jazz music

During his life, Goodman focuses his career on the jazz music. But he never stopped exploring the classical music too.

Benny Goodman Facts

Benny Goodman Facts

Facts about Benny Goodman 3: the family life

There were 12 kids in the family. Goodman was the 9th child in the family. He was born in Chicago. His family was poor. His parents migrated from the land occupied by Russian Empire. They were Jewish.  In 1892, David Goodman, his father relocated to America and worked as a tailor. He came from Warsaw. His mother was from Kaunas, Lithuania. His parents met each other in Baltimore, Maryland.

Facts about Benny Goodman 4: the musical talent

The musical talent of Goodman was supported since he was at a young age.  He and his older brothers were enrolled by his father to Kehelah Jacob Synagogue to study music.

Benny Goodman Jazz

Benny Goodman Jazz

Facts about Benny Goodman 5: the professional debut

In 1921, the young Goodman had his professional debut at Central Park Theater. Find out facts about Austin Mahone here.

Facts about Benny Goodman 6: the first recording

In 1926, Goodman had his first recording after he joined Ben Pollack Orchestra. It was one of the notable bands in Chicago.

Benny Goodman Old

Benny Goodman Old

Facts about Benny Goodman 7: the death of his father

The death of his father was the saddest thing ever happened in his family. His father was killed in a traffic accident.  He and his brother, Harry wanted his father to retire from working because both had made great deal of money as musicians.

Facts about Benny Goodman 8: The Famous 1938 Carnegie Hall Jazz Concert

The most famous concert of Goodman was the 1938 Carnegie Hall Jazz Concert.  Goodman and his band earned critical acclaim.

Benny Goodman

Benny Goodman

Facts about Benny Goodman 9: the concert

The concert in Carnegie Hall Jazz took place on 16 January 1938 on the evening. The famous songs include “One O’Clock Jump”, “Don’t Be That Way,” “Sometimes I’m Happy”. Get facts about Benjamin Britten here.

Facts about Benny Goodman 10: price

The price for each seat in the concert was US$2.75. It was considered as an expensive price at that time. There were 2,760 seats inside the hall.

Facts about Benny Goodman

Facts about Benny Goodman

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