10 Facts about Berlie Doherty

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Facts about Berlie Doherty tell you about the English playwright, novelist, poet and screenwriter. She was born on 6th November 1843.  Do you know that she was the winner of two Carnegie medals? People recognize her due to her interesting books for children. However, you can also find her plays for radio, TV series and theatre. She also writes adult novels and operas for children. Here are some interesting facts about Doherty for you:

Facts about Berlie Doherty 1: place of birth

As I have stated before Doherty was born in 1943 at Knotty Ash, Liverpool. There are three children in the family and she is the youngest child.

Facts about Berlie Doherty 2: a great deprivation

A great deprivation is always used by Doherty to describe the condition when all of her grandparents had died before she was born.

Berlie Doherty Facts

Berlie Doherty Facts

Facts about Berlie Doherty 3: writing

Her father always encouraged the young Doherty to write books. There is no need to wonder that she becomes a wonderful writer today. She likes to create poetry and stories.

Facts about Berlie Doherty 4: the young Doherty

The younger Doherty has been recognized as a wonderful writer since she was five. At that time, her stories and poetry appeared on the Hoylake News and Advertiser and Liverpool Echo.

Berlie Doherty Pic

Berlie Doherty Pic

Facts about Berlie Doherty 5: the dream job

Doherty dreamed to become a writer when she was a young child. Her father typed her first poem and stories submitted in the publications. Then, she developed a dream to become a writer someday.

Facts about Berlie Doherty 6: the education

Let’s find out the education of Doherty. She went to Upton Hall Convent School. In 1965, she chose English at University of Durham.  Then she went to University of Liverpool to study social science. She received a postgraduate certificate from University of Sheffield in education after she had a family in 1978.

Facts about Berlie Doherty

Facts about Berlie Doherty

Facts about Berlie Doherty 7: Requiem

Requiem was the first adult novel of Doherty. The center of this story was inspired from the convent school.

Facts about Berlie Doherty 8: the jobs

Before she becomes a full time writer, she spent her time as a teacher and social worker.  Then she wrote and produced the school program in BBC Radio Sheffield. Get facts about Beatrix Potter here.

Berlie Doherty Pictures

Berlie Doherty Pictures

Facts about Berlie Doherty 9: the first book

How Green You Are! is the first book of Doherty? Methuen in its Pied Piper series published her book in 1982. Elaine McGregor Turney illustrated it.

Facts about Berlie Doherty 10: other books

Other books of Doherty include White Peak Farm, The Making of Fingers Finnigan, Granny Was a Buffer Girl and Children of Winter. Get facts about Barbara Park here.

Berlie Doherty

Berlie Doherty

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