10 Facts about Berlin Blockade

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One of the important events during the cold war is explained in Facts about Berlin Blockade. This international crisis took place on 1 April 1948 till 12 May 1949. It was considered as the first major conflict of Cold War between the Soviet Union and Western Allies. Get more facts about Berlin Blockade by reading the following post below:

Facts about Berlin Blockade 1: the blockade

The blockade was conducted by Soviet Union. The access to the canal, road and railways to Berlin was blocked by Soviet Union. Therefore, the western allies were not able to access Berlin.

Facts about Berlin Blockade 2: the withdrawal

The Western Allies were warned by the Soviet about the withdrawal of Deutschmark from West Berlin. If the Western Allies remove them, the Soviet Union would create blockade.

Berlin Blockade

Berlin Blockade

Facts about Berlin Blockade 3: the response of Western Allies

The Berlin Airlift was organized by Western Allies as a response of Berlin Blockade. The allies did it because they wanted to give the supplies for the people who lived in West Berlin. At that time, the access of road, railway and canal was blocked.

Facts about Berlin Blockade 4: the aircrews

There were various aircrews used to carry the supplies for the people in West Berlin. The aircrews included the Royal New Zealand Air Force, the Royal Canadian Air Force, United States Air Force, South African Air Force and British Royal Air Force. Find out facts about Berlin airlift here.

Berlin Blockade Pic

Berlin Blockade Pic

Facts about Berlin Blockade 5: the hard job

It was very hard to give the supplies which included food and fuel from the air.  In one year, it is estimated that 200,000 flights had to be organized to provide the supplies.

Facts about Berlin Blockade 6: the lifted blockade of West Berlin

The blockade of West Berlin was lifted on 12 May 1949. Actually the railway could be accessed by spring 1949.

Berlin Blockade History

Berlin Blockade History

Facts about Berlin Blockade 7: Potsdam Agreement

Potsdam Agreement was made by the Allied power. The result of the agreement was that Germany would be divided into four zones.

Facts about Berlin Blockade 8: the division of Germany zone

Soviet Union controlled the eastern section of Germany. On the other hand, the western sectors of Germany were controlled by France, UK and US.

Berlin Blockade Facts

Berlin Blockade Facts

Facts about Berlin Blockade 9: how to access Berlin

There were only three corridors which could be accessed to reach Berlin. These corridors were from Frankfurt, Bückeburg and Hamburg. Get facts about Berlin wall here.

Facts about Berlin Blockade 10: the focal point

Berlin is considered as the focal point for both Soviet Union and western Allies. Therefore, the activities which occurred in Berlin would affect Germany.

Facts about Berlin Blockade

Facts about Berlin Blockade

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