10 Facts about Bermuda

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Get the interesting information about the British Overseas territory in North Atlantic Ocean in Facts about Bermuda. Hamilton is the capital of Bermuda. This country is located around 1,538 km north of Puerto Rico and 1,239 km south of Cape Sable Island, Canada. Juan de Bermudez was considered as the first Spanish sea captain who reached Bermuda in 1503. Therefore, it is named after him.  Let’s find out more interesting facts about Bermuda below:

Facts about Bermuda 1: St. George’s

The first capital of Bermuda was St. George’s. It was established in 1612. Do you know that the city is considered as the oldest inhabited English Town?

Facts about Bermuda 2: the economy of Bermuda

The Bermuda’s economy lies on tourism and insurance and reinsurance. Get facts about Benin here.

Bermuda Beaches

Bermuda Beaches

Facts about Bermuda 3: The Bermuda Triangle

There is no need to wonder that Bermuda is always associated with Bermuda Triangle.  It is considered as the northernmost point of the triangle. Some people believe that many ships and aircrafts disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle. The incident of disappearance is mysterious and unexplained.

Facts about Bermuda 4: the culture

If you look at the Bermuda culture, it is the combination of the Spanish Caribbean, Irish, Native American, Scots and English culture. Find out Belize facts here.

Bermuda Pic

Bermuda Pic

Facts about Bermuda 5: the official language

The official language in Bermuda is English. But you can find some people living in Bermuda Speak Portuguese since some parts of the islands were inhabited by the Portuguese immigrants.

Facts about Bermuda 6: The History of Mary Prince

The History of Mary Prince was considered as the first notable book from Bermuda. Mary Prince wrote the book. It talked about a slave narrative. The book played a significant role to the abolishment of slavery in British Empire.

Bermuda Map

Bermuda Map

Facts about Bermuda 7: the famous people who lived in Bermuda

The famous people who live in Bermuda include Michael Douglas, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Earl Cameron, Diana Dill, Ernest Trimingham, Oona O’Neill, Will Kempe, and Lena Headey.

Facts about Bermuda 8: the music and dance

The people in Bermuda consider music and dance as the important parts in their culture. One of the iconic Bermudan musicians is The Talbot Brothers. The dancing style of Bermuda is highly affected by the Native American, African, Caribbean and British tradition.



Facts about Bermuda 9: Gina Swainson

In 1979, Miss World was from Bermuda. She was Gina Swainson.

Facts about Bermuda 10: the interesting painting

One of the interesting paintings that you can get from various galleries in Bermuda is the Bermuda watercolor.

Facts about Bermuda

Facts about Bermuda

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