10 Facts about Bernard Leach

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If you are interested to know Father of British studio pottery, you have to check Facts about Bernard Leach. He was famous as an art teacher and a studio potter from Britain. Leach was born on 5 January 1887 in Hong Kong and passed away on 6 May 1979. Let’s find out the detail information about his early life and professional life in the below explanation:

Facts about Bernard Leach 1: the early life of Leach

During his first years, he lived in Japan even though Leach was born in Hong Kong. In 1890, Leach relocated again to Hong Kong after his father decided to move.

Facts about Bernard Leach 2: the education of Leach

Leach could study under the guidance of Frank Brangwyn when he was enrolled at Slade School of Fine Art and the London School of Art. He learned about etching from the famous teacher.

Bernard Leach Art

Bernard Leach Art

Facts about Bernard Leach 3: the Japan time

Leach was amazed with Japan after he finished reading Lafcadio Hearn’s books. He decided to move Japan to teach etching in 1909 along with Muriel, his wife.

Facts about Bernard Leach 4: the “Shirakaba-Group”

The “Shirakaba-Group” was the Japanese art group who intended to introduce the western art to Japan. When Leach was in Japan, he was welcomed by the group. He gave speech and also came to the meeting held with the Shirakaba-Group members such as Yanagi Soetsu, Mushanokoji Saneatsu, Shiga Naoya, and many more.

Facts about Bernard Leach

Facts about Bernard Leach

Facts about Bernard Leach 5: the students

Ryusei Kishida, Kojima Kikuo and Satomi Ton decided to study etching under the guidance of Leach.

Facts about Bernard Leach 6: ceramics

Leach was interested to study ceramics and learned the pottery tradition after he went to a Raku-yakipottery party in 1911. His teacher was Urano Shigekichi. Tomimoto Kenkichi interpreted the technical terms when Leach studied under the master. Get facts about Barry Flanagan here.

Bernard Leach Pottery

Bernard Leach Pottery

Facts about Bernard Leach 7: moving to Peking

Leach was deeply interested with art. After he lived in Japan and studied about their tradition of pottery, he decided to move to Peking in 1915. He was interested with Dr. Alfred Westharp who was in Peking. Westharp was an art scholar and philosopher.

Facts about Bernard Leach 8: a well established potter

Leach decided to return to England after he became a well established potter. A farewell exhibition was organized in Tokyo. Actually Leach exhibited his work in Osaka too.

Bernard Leach Ceramic

Bernard Leach Ceramic

Facts about Bernard Leach 9: Leach pottery

Leach pottery was established in 1920. He chose the combination of Eastern and Western art in his potteries. Get facts about Augusta Savage here.

Facts about Bernard Leach 10: the style

If you check his style, you can find out the combination of the traditional German and English technique and traditional Chinese, Japanese and Korean potteries.

Bernard Leach Book

Bernard Leach Book

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