10 Facts about Bernhard Riemann

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Facts about Bernhard Riemann talk about a major mathematician. He was born on 17 September 1826 with the full name Georg Friedrich Riemann. He died on 10 July 1866. There are various theories that he made. It focuses on the differential geometry, number theory and analysis which led into the general relativity development. Let’s find out more facts about Riemann below:

Facts about Bernhard Riemann 1: who was Riemann?

Riemann was from a poor family. Before he grew up, his mother passed away. His father was only a Lutheran pastor. Riemann was born in Germany.

Facts about Bernhard Riemann 2: his shyness

Riemann was a shy person. However, he was an intelligent person. He excelled in calculation and mathematics.

Facts about Bernhard Riemann

Facts about Bernhard Riemann

Facts about Bernhard Riemann 3: becoming a pastor

Actually Riemann was intended to become a pastor to follow the footstep of his father. But he decided to leave the pastor education and focused more on mathematics. He gave up studying theology at the University of Gottingen. He decided to study in University of Berlin. Some of his teachers included Eisenstein, Lejeune Dirichlet Jacobi, and Steiner.

Facts about Bernhard Riemann 4: the research

Riemann had different kinds of researches which focused on the geometry and analysis. Due to his theories, the complex manifold theory and Riemannian and algebraic geometries can be developed.

Bernhard Riemann

Bernhard Riemann

Facts about Bernhard Riemann 5: foundation of topology

The foundation of topology was established by Riemann after he created the theory of surface water. Felix Klein and Adolf Hurwitz elaborated the theory.

Facts about Bernhard Riemann 6: the real analysis

The real analysis of Riemann can be seen on his Riemann-Liouville differintegral, Riemann integral and Riemann sums. Find out facts about Alexander Grothendieck here.

Bernhard Riemann Pic

Bernhard Riemann Pic

Facts about Bernhard Riemann 7: Riemann zeta function

The basis to comprehend the prime number distribution can be conducted by looking at Riemann zeta function.

Facts about Bernhard Riemann 8: spatial relations

Riemann also gave a lot of contribution to decide the coordinates located at each point on the space.  There is no need to wonder that he was involved in the spatial relations. Actually Carl Gauss, his teacher also contributed in this field.

Bernhard Riemann Image

Bernhard Riemann Image

Facts about Bernhard Riemann 9: foundations of geometry

He studied a lot of about foundation of geometry after his teacher, Gauss asked him to do it in 1853. Then Riemann could create a theory about the higher dimensions. Find out another mathematician in Alan Turing facts.

Facts about Bernhard Riemann 10: the finding

One of his findings was entitled “Über die Hypothesen welche der Geometrie zu Grunde liegen”.

Bernhard Riemann Facts

Bernhard Riemann Facts

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