10 Facts about Beryl Cook

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In the following post below, you can check Facts about Beryl Cook. She was famous as an English artist. Cook was born on 10 September 1926 and passed away on 28 May 2008. Her paintings often depict the comical characters.  She got the inspiration for her paintings from the people that she met in the everyday life. Some of her paintings describe drag queen shows, girls shopping out and people in the pubs. Get more facts about Beryl Cook below:

Facts about Beryl Cook 1: the formal training

If you think that Cook had a formal training as a painter, you are wrong. He took formal training when she was in her thirties.

Facts about Beryl Cook 2: a private person

Cook was a very private person. She was shy. If you check her painting, she tried to show her extrovert and flamboyant characters. Check facts about August Macke here.

Facts about Beryl Cook

Facts about Beryl Cook

Facts about Beryl Cook 3: Stanley Spencer

Stanley Spencer was a famous English visionary artist. Do you know that Cook adored his art work?  You find out the bold and bulky figures in the works of Cook. It was inspired from Spencer’s style.

Facts about Beryl Cook 4: Edward Burra

Edward Burra was another artist who influenced the works of Cook. There is no need to wonder that Cook often depicted gay bars, sleazy cafes, prostitutes or even sailors. The difference between Cook and Burra’s works lies on the sinister aspects that Cook did not depict in her works.

Beryl Cook Image

Beryl Cook Image

Facts about Beryl Cook 5: the early life

Cook was raised by her single mother along with her sister since her parents separated. Cook was born in Egham, Surrey, UK. She was educated at Kendrick School in Reading, Berkshire. When she was 14, she left the school. She decided to work in different jobs. She wanted to work as a showgirl or a model when she relocated to London.

Facts about Beryl Cook 6: marriage

John Cook was the husband of Beryl Cook. He was her childhood friend. Both married in 1948. He worked in merchant navy. Both decided to have a pub in Suffolk after John retired from his job.

Beryl Cook Facts

Beryl Cook Facts

Facts about Beryl Cook 7: the first exhibition

The first exhibition of Beryl Cook was in November 1975.   She was covered in The Sunday Times due to the successful exhibition.

Facts about Beryl Cook 8: another exhibit

After the first successful exhibition, she had another one in 1976 in Portal Gallery in London. Then Cook exhibited her works of Art regularly.

Beryl Cook Arts

Beryl Cook Arts

Facts about Beryl Cook 9: the popularity

The works of Cook were very popular. The discussion of her works with Melvyn Bragg was filmed in 1979. Get facts about Archibald Knox here.

Facts about Beryl Cook 10: death

On 28 May 1008, she passed away in Plymouth at her home.

Beryl Cook Art

Beryl Cook Art

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