10 Facts about Bess Beetles

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Facts about Bess Beetles explain Passalidae.  The animals have various nicknames. Some people call them Betsy beetles, horned passalus beetles or even bessbugs. The size of this beetle is impressive. If you check the species of Bess beetles which live in North America, they can be found in the size around 20 to 43 mm. On the head, you can find a “horn”. Here are other interesting facts about Bess beetles for you:

Facts about Bess Beetles 1: habitat

There are around 600 species of Bess beetles. Most of them can be found living in tropical regions. You can find them living in an island or even isolated mountain.  There are only four species of Bess beetles living in Canada and United States.

Facts about Bess Beetles 2: the fossil

It is not easy to find out the fossil of Bess beetles. The only fossil which has been discovered is Passalus indormitus. It was found in Oregon. The scientists estimate that the fossil was dated back around 25 million years ago.

Bess Beetle

Bess Beetle

Facts about Bess Beetles 3: the decomposer

Bess beetles serve as the decomposers. You can find them living inside the hardwood logs such as maple, hickory and oak. They will decompose them and turn the fiber into soil.

Facts about Bess Beetles 4: the log homes

Bess beetles do not live alone. They have a family. They will protect the log home from the intruders.

Facts about Bess Beetles

Facts about Bess Beetles

Facts about Bess Beetles 5: communication

The Bess beetles can communicate by producing sound. It is just like other insects such as cicadas, grasshopper and crickets which talk using unique sound.

Facts about Bess Beetles 6: Odontotaenius disjunctis

Odontotaenius disjunctis is one example of Bess beetles from North America.  The scientists find out that this beetle has 14 different sounds for communication. Find out bees facts here.

Bess Beetles

Bess Beetles

Facts about Bess Beetles 7: the young Bess beetle

Raising and protecting the young is not only the job of the mother beetle. The father of the Bess beetles also gives protection to care and secure the young.

Facts about Bess Beetles 8: the nickname

There are a lot of nicknames that Bess beetles have.  This animal is also called patent leather beetles, bessiebugs, horn beetles, peg beetles, bessbugs and horned passalus beetles.

Bess Beetle Facts

Bess Beetle Facts

Facts about Bess Beetles 9: patent leather beetles

Bess beetles are called patent leather beetles due to the shining appearance. The black body reminds you with the patent leather shoes. Find out facts about beetles here.

Facts about Bess Beetles 10: gentle animals

Do you know that Bess beetles are gentle animals?  If you love insects, you can have it as a pet. Even though it looks menacing, this animal will never bite you.

Bess Beetle

Bess Beetle

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