10 Facts about Bessie Coleman

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Facts about Bessie Coleman tell you about the American civil aviator. She was born on 26 January 1892 in Atlanta, Texas and passed away on 30 April 1926.  There were 13 children in the family and she was the 10th child. Her father was George Coleman, while her mother was Susan Coleman. Let’s find out more interesting facts about Bessie Coleman below:

Facts about Bessie Coleman 1: the fame

Coleman was famous as the first person with African American descent that had an international pilot license. She also took the record as the first female pilot with African American descent.

Facts about Bessie Coleman 2: the place of living

Coleman was raised by his family in Waxahachie, Texas until she was 23 years old. When she was six years old, Coleman studied at the school in the city.   To reach her segregated school, she had to cover four mile journey on foot.

Bessie Coleman Painting

Bessie Coleman Painting

Facts about Bessie Coleman 3: father

Her father decided to leave the family in 1901 for he wanted to find out better chance. George returned to the Indian Territory in Oklahoma.

Facts about Bessie Coleman 4: the further education

Coleman was enrolled to Missionary Baptist Church when she was 12 years old. Then she attended Oklahoma Colored Agricultural and Normal University by using all of her savings.

Bessie Coleman

Bessie Coleman

Facts about Bessie Coleman 5: as a manicurist

Coleman worked as a manicurist in the White Sox Barber Shop when she relocated to Chicago, Illinois in 1916. At that time, she was 23 years old. When she worked there, she heard about the stories of pilots who returned from the First World War.

Facts about Bessie Coleman 6: the American flight school

She was not accepted as a student in American flight school because she was a woman and black. The publisher and founder of Chicago Defender, Robert S. Abbott gave her advice to study in other countries. The Defender and Jesse Binga gave her financial support to study abroad.

Bessie Coleman News

Bessie Coleman News

Facts about Bessie Coleman 7: education in France

On 20 November 1920, Coleman went to Paris to become a pilot. Find out facts about Amy Johnson here.

Facts about Bessie Coleman 8: the record

She is considered as the first female pilot of African American descent who earned a pilot license on 15 June 1921.

Bessie Coleman Pilot

Bessie Coleman Pilot

Facts about Bessie Coleman 9: the media sensation

Coleman became a media sensation when she could earn the pilot license. Find out another female pilot in facts about Amelia Earhart here.

Facts about Bessie Coleman 10: the nickname

She was called as Queen Bess. Even though the aviation world was very competitive, she was successful. Coleman was invited in various events. Many media wanted to interview her.

Facts about Bessie Coleman

Facts about Bessie Coleman

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