10 Facts about Best Buy

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Get facts about Best Buy if you are interested to know the American multinational consumer electronic company.  You can find Best Buy in US, Canada, Mexico and China. The base of this company is located in Richfield, Minnesota. In 1966, Best Buy was established as an audio specialty store by Richard M. Schulze and Gary Smoliak. Let me show you more interesting facts about Best Buy below:

Facts about Best Buy 1: the consumer electronics

As I have stated before, this company was originally founded as an audio specialty store. Then it was purposed for the consumer electronic after it was rebranded and renamed in 1983.

Facts about Best Buy 2: the cellular phones

You can find a lot of cellular phones in Best Buy. It sells the phones from Sprint PCS, AT&T Mobility, Verizon Wireless T-Mobile USA and Boost Mobile.

Best Buy Facts

Best Buy Facts

Facts about Best Buy 3: the subsidiaries

Best Buy has a lot of subsidiaries. Those include Magnolia Audio Video, Cowboom, Pacific Sales, CinemaNow, and Geek Squad.

Facts about Best Buy 4: Best Buy in Mexico and China

In Mexico, Best Buy is operated under Geek Squad, Best Buy Express and Best Buy. If you are in China, you can find Best Buy under the name Best Buy Mobile and Five Star.

Facts about Best Buy

Facts about Best Buy

Facts about Best Buy 5: the recognition

In 2004, Forbes magazine called Best Buy as the Company of the Year. In 2001, Discount Store News named Best Buy as the Specialty Retailer of the Decade.

Facts about Best Buy 6: who is the CEO of Best Buy now?

The Best Buy CEO and President now is Hubert Joly. In September 2012, he replaced Mikan. Before Joly became the CEO of Best Buy, he was a CEO of a hospitality conglomerate called Carlson.

Best Buy Store

Best Buy Store

Facts about Best Buy 7: the online shopping

The online shopping is very popular. There is no need to wonder that the income of the Best Buy reduced in 2010s. Check ASDA facts here.

Facts about Best Buy 8: Future Shop chain

Future Shop chain located Canada will be shutdown based on the report on 28 March 2015.

Best Buy Shopping

Best Buy Shopping

Facts about Best Buy 9: the products

There are many kinds of products that people can get from Best Buy. Those include consumer electronics, mobile phones, Blu-ray discs, music, video games, digital cameras, video cameras, and many more. Get facts about Barclay here.

Facts about Best Buy 10: the building type

The signature building of Best Buy has the light brown exterior color. The structure also features a blue box. Based on the report in 2013, Best Buy has 409 Best Mobile stand alone stores and 1,056 Best Buys stores in United States.

Best Buy Pic

Best Buy Pic

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