10 Facts about Best Friends

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Let me explain the mutual affection of two or more persons in Facts about Best Friends. Most people have at least one or two best friends in their social life. When you are happy or even sad, you will always want to call your best friend and share the feeling. This interpersonal bond has been studied in various scientific fields such as anthropology, social psychology and sociology.  Check the following post below for detail facts about best friends:

Facts about Best Friends 1: the characteristics of friendship

The characteristics which occur in friendship include altruism, empathy, sympathy, affection, compassion, trust, honesty, and enjoyment. In front of your best friend, you always want to be yourself without having the fear to be judged.  You can express the true feeling and share it with best friend.

Facts about Best Friends 2: the common background

Making friendship is easy to do if you have the common background.   You can make friend with the person who has the similar demographic, occupation, interest, style or hobby.

Best Friend

Best Friend

Facts about Best Friends 3: the importance of best friends

Best friend is very important in one’s life. It can be emotionally damaging if there is no friend in a person’s life.

Facts about Best Friends 4: the childhood friendship

The childhood friendship is developed when the children have the activities together. They usually share the toys. The sharing, affection and creative playtime maintain the friendship of children.

Best Friends

Best Friends

Facts about Best Friends 5: friendship in adulthood

The friendship in adulthood is super complicated because there are different kinds of life events which can affect the friendship such as career, parenthood and marriage.

Facts about Best Friends 6: after the marriage

It is reported that men and women have fewer friends from the opposite sex after they are married.

Best Friend Pic

Best Friend Pic

Facts about Best Friends 7: the old age and friendship

When people are getting old, friendship is more valuable due to the less family responsibility.  The social interaction is needed by the older people to avoid loneliness. These old people tend to make friend with the people who have the similar age, race, sex, values and ethnicity.

Facts about Best Friends 8: the factor of making friendship

There are three factors which lead into friendship. Those include the opportunities, repeatedly encountering and proximity.

Best Friend Facts

Best Friend Facts

Facts about Best Friends 9: the end of friendship

The friendship may end for various reasons. The distance or even divorce can make the friendship end. Get facts about anti bullying here.

Facts about Best Friends 10: best friend forever

The people who have extremely strong interpersonal ties are included in best friend forever.

Facts about Best Friends

Facts about Best Friends

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