10 Facts about Bethany Mota

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Find out the interesting facts about the American video blogger from Los Banes, California in Facts about Bethany Mota. She was born on 7 November 1995 with the full name Bethany Noel Mota. In 2009, she made Macbarbie07. It was her YouTube channel which created a twist among the people. Due to this channel, she earns popularity. In the channel, you can find her fashion purchases via internet. Let’s find out more interesting facts about Bethany Mota:

Facts about Bethany Mota 1: fashion

The videos that Mota posts on the internet based on fashion. You can find out DIY ideas, makeup, outfit ideas, recipes and hair tutorials. She becomes one of the most popular YouTube celebs.

Facts about Bethany Mota 2: fashion line

She starts her fashion line that she calls Aéropostale. She also has motavatours. It is the multiple tours that she arranges to meet with her fans. Due to her fame and popularity, Time Magazine included her as one of The 25 Most Influential Teens of 2014.

Bethany Mota Pic

Bethany Mota Pic

Facts about Bethany Mota 3: the early life

Brittany is her older sister. Mota was raised by her family in California. She has the Portuguese and Mexican descent. During the third to the sixth grade, she went to public school. But she got more education from homeschooling.

Facts about Bethany Mota 4: the first video

In 2009, she created the first haul video. She did it because she wanted to reduce stress due to the bullying. Soon, she fined a lot of followers in her YouTube videos. Now, there are around 7 million followers in her channel.

Bethany Mota Picture

Bethany Mota Picture

Facts about Bethany Mota 5: the retailers

Due to her popularity in YouTube, Mota is offered gift cards and free cosmetics by the retailers. They use her popularity for marketing the products. Get facts about Becky G.

Facts about Bethany Mota 6: the promotional videos

In her videos, she uses the free products. But she also uses the videos to promote the products. She states the products that she has not bought in the videos clearly.

Bethany Mota

Bethany Mota

Facts about Bethany Mota 7: the income

Due to her videos in YouTube, she could earn $40,000 a month in January 2014 based on the report of Business Insider.

Facts about Bethany Mota 8: promoting the videos

Mota also has a smart way to make her videos promoted by her fans. She will give awards and prizes for the fans who can promote her videos.

Bethany Mota Facts

Bethany Mota Facts

Facts about Bethany Mota 9: the fans

The videos that Mota creates actually are not only about fashion. She also discusses the personal interest. Mota-vator is the term used to call her fans. Get facts about Beau Brooks here.

Facts about Bethany Mota 10: President Barack Obama

On 22 January 2015, Mota had a chance to interview President Barack Obama.

Facts about Bethany Mota

Facts about Bethany Mota

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