10 Facts about Betsy Byars

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Find out the female author for children’s books in Facts about Betsy Byars. She was born on 7 August 1928.  She is called as one of the best American writers for children. There is no need to wonder that she earned a Newbery medal in 1971 due to her amazing summer of the Swans novel. Let’s find out more interesting facts about Betsy Byars below:

Facts about Betsy Byars 1: the awards

There are many awards that Byars earns due to the popularity of the books as well as her contribution as a writer for children. Wanted … Mud Blossom (1991) made her get an Edgar award. The Night Swimmers (1980) earned her a National Book award in Children’s Fiction category.

Facts about Betsy Byars 2: the top author

Byars is included in the list of one of the top 100 authors based on the Educational Paperback Association. It is due to the popularity of her books among children.

Betsy Byars Books

Betsy Byars Books

Facts about Betsy Byars 3: the date and place of birth

Byars was born in Charlotte, North Carolina on 7 August 1928. Her mother was a homemaker named Nan Cromer. Her father was a cotton mill executive named George Guy. She was raised during great depression.

Facts about Betsy Byars 4: Regina Medal

The Catholic Library Association awarded Byars with a Regina Medal for lifetime achievement in 1987. The editor of the British Literary journal Signal, Nancy Chambers included her as one of the 10 best writers for children in the world.

Facts about Betsy Byars

Facts about Betsy Byars

Facts about Betsy Byars 5: education

Let’s find out the education of Betsy Byars. In 1946 till 1948, she studied at University in Greenville, South Carolina. Then she transferred to Queens College in Charlotte. Her major was English. She earned the bachelor degree in 1950.

Facts about Betsy Byars 6: Edward Ford Byars

Edward Ford Byars was the husband of Betsy. He was a graduate student at Clemson University. He took engineering. After Betsy graduated from her university, she met this man. On 24 June 1950s, both decided to get married.

Betsy Byars

Betsy Byars

Facts about Betsy Byars 7: the family life

Betsy and her husband were blessed with a son and three daughters. Those are Laurie, Betsy Ann, Nan and Guy. His husband became the professor of Engineering in University of Illinois.  The job made the family relocated to Urbana, Illinois. Find out facts about Barbara Park here.

Facts about Betsy Byars 8: writing for magazines

Betsy also had her work by writing for magazines.  Some publications of hers are in TV Guide, The Saturday Evening Post, Everywoman’s Magazine and Look.

Betsy Byars Facts

Betsy Byars Facts

Facts about Betsy Byars 9: the first novel

In 1962, the first novel of Betsy Brays was published. It was entitled Clementine. Get facts about Betty Friedan here.

Facts about Betsy Byars 10: other works

Other works of Betsy Byars that you can read include The Groober, After the Goat Man, The Dancing Camel, The Pinballs, The Glory Girl, Boo’s Dinosaur and Keeper of the Doves.

Betsy Byars Image

Betsy Byars Image

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