10 Facts about Betsy Ross

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Facts about Betsy Ross talk about the woman who made the first American flag in 1776. She was born on 1 January 1752 and passed away on 30 January 1836.   Betsy Ross was born as Elizabeth Phoebe Griscom. She was also called as Elizabeth Ashburn and Elizabeth Calypoole due to her second and third marriage. Let’s find out more interesting facts about Betsy Ross by reading the following post below:

Facts about Betsy Ross 1: parents

As I have stated before, Betsy Ross was born in a farm in West Jersey, Pennsylvania on January 1752. Her mother was Rebecca James Griscom, while her father was Samuel Griscom.

Facts about Betsy Ross 2: the children in the family

There were 17 children in the family and Betsy Ross was the eight children in the family. Even though she had 16 siblings, only 8 of them survived the childhood time.

Facts about Betsy Ross

Facts about Betsy Ross

Facts about Betsy Ross 3: the education

She went to Quaker public school. When she completed her education, she was the apprentice of William Webster, an upholsterer. During her work as an apprentice, she met John Ross. He was her fellow apprentice that she fell in love with. Both married when Betsy was only 21 years old in New Jersey.

Facts about Betsy Ross 4: The American Revolutionary War

Betsy and her husband were only married for 2 years when the American Revolutionary war occurred. Get facts about American History here.

Betsy Ross Picture

Betsy Ross Picture

Facts about Betsy Ross 5: the death of John Ross

The legend stated that her husband, John Ross passed away because of the gunpowder explosion.  At that time, he had the job to guard the munitions.

Facts about Betsy Ross 6: the upholstery business

After the marriage with John Ross, both ran an upholstery business. The young Betsy still continued this business even though her husband, John passed away. She created blankets, tents or even repaired uniforms.

Betsy Ross Pic

Betsy Ross Pic

Facts about Betsy Ross 7: the second marriage

Joseph Ashburn was her second husband that she married on 15 June 1777.  He was a mariner.  Then she married her third husband, John Claypoole in May 1783.

Facts about Betsy Ross 8: the first American flag

The legend stated that Betsy Ross was the woman who created the first American flag for George Washington.

Betsy Ross Flag

Betsy Ross Flag

Facts about Betsy Ross 9: United States Post Stamp

The United States Post Stamp which depicted Betsy Ross was issued on 1 January 1952 to honor her. Get facts about American independence day here.

Facts about Betsy Ross 10: Betsy Ross Bridge

Whether the legend about Betsy Ross is true or not, people were in love with her.  There is no need to wonder that the bridge which links Philadelphia and Pennsauken is named after her. It is called Betsy Ross Bridge.

Betsy Ross Facts

Betsy Ross Facts

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