10 Facts about Betty Friedan

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Find out the famous American feminist, writer and activist in Facts about Betty Friedan.  She was born on 4 February 1921 and passed away on 4 February 2006. She was the writer of The Feminine Mystique. It was released in 1963 and was considered as the important book for the 20th century. It marked the second wave of feminism is America. Let me show you more facts about Betty Friedan below:

Facts about Betty Friedan 1: NOW

NOW was the National Organizational for Women. It was cofounded by Friedan in 1966 and she became the first president of NOW. The main objective for this organization was to bring women in equal partnership with men.

Facts about Betty Friedan 2: the women’s strike

Friedan organized the Strike for Equality for Women on 26 August 1970. There were 50,000 women and men who participated in the strike. It was considered as a successful strike since the participants were beyond the expectation.

Betty Friedan

Betty Friedan

Facts about Betty Friedan 3: National Women’s Political Caucus

Friedan and other feminists also created National Women’s Political Caucus in 1971.

Facts about Betty Friedan 4: politics

During the rest of her life, she wrote six books and was very active in advocacy and politics.

Betty Friedan Picture

Betty Friedan Picture

Facts about Betty Friedan 5: the early life

Betty Friedan was the daughter of Harry and Miriam Goldstein. She was born on 4 February 1921 in Peoria, Illinois as Bettye Naomi Goldstein. Her family was Jews.

Facts about Betty Friedan 6: the early education

For her early education, she studied at Peoria High School. She wanted to be the columnist in the school newspaper. However, her application was rejected. Therefore, she created Tide along with six other friends. It was a literary magazine which talked more about the home life. Get facts about Barbara Smucker here.

Betty Friedan Facts

Betty Friedan Facts

Facts about Betty Friedan 7: the higher education

In 1938, she went to Smith College. Due to her brilliant academic performance, she earned a scholarship in the first year. She was involved with campus publication after she made poems.

Facts about Betty Friedan 8: the college newspaper

She was appointed as the editor in chief in the college newspaper in 1941. It caused controversy when the newspaper was more political.

Facts about Betty Friedan

Facts about Betty Friedan

Facts about Betty Friedan 9: Carl Friedan

In 1947, Betty married a theater producer named Carl Friedan. In May 1969, both divorced. In 2005, his ex husband died. Find out facts about Bernard Malamud here.

Facts about Betty Friedan 10: Life So Far

Life So Far was a book of Betty released in 2000. It was her memoir. Based on her memoir, she stated that, Carl used to beat her during the marriage. But Carl denied it in Time Magazines interview.

Betty Friedan Pic

Betty Friedan Pic

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