10 Facts about Beverley Naidoo

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Let’s find out the South African writer for children’s books in Facts about Beverley Naidoo. If you check the first three novels of Naidoo, all of them talk about the life in South Africa. Today, she lives in United Kingdom. In 2000, Puffin published The Other Side of Truth which told you about the political corruption and its impact to children. If you want to know more about Naidoo, check the following post below:

Facts about Beverley Naidoo 1: a biography

Besides writing a novel, Naidoo also created a biography. Neil Aggett was the trade unionist whose biography was written by Naidoo.

Facts about Beverley Naidoo 2: Carnegie Medal

The Library Association awarded her with Carnegie Medal due to The Other Side of Truth. It is considered as the best book.

Beverley Naidoo Facts

Beverley Naidoo Facts

Facts about Beverley Naidoo 3: other awards

There are many other awards that Naidoo received. In 1997, she was awarded with Josette Frank Award for Not Turning Back: A Novel of South Africa. Another Josette Frank Award was received in 1986 for Journey to Jo’burg.

Facts about Beverley Naidoo 4: date and place of birth

Naidoo was born on 21 May 1943 in Johannesburg.  She lived in the era when the apartheid was applied in the country. She involved with the resistance movement due to the apartheid in the country.

Facts about Beverley Naidoo

Facts about Beverley Naidoo

Facts about Beverley Naidoo 5: Living in United Kingdom

Naidoo went to United Kingdom in 1965. She had two kids after she married a South African exile.

Facts about Beverley Naidoo 6: education

Naidoo received a BA in education after she graduated from the University of York.

Beverley Naidoo

Beverley Naidoo

Facts about Beverley Naidoo 7: the novels set in South Africa

Some of her novels set in South Africa talk about the apartheid. You can check it in Chain of Fire, Journey to Jo’burg, and Out of Bounds.

Facts about Beverley Naidoo 8: No Turning Back

If you are interested to know her novel set post apartheid years, you need to read No Turning Back. It tells us about a boy who tries to survive in Johannesburg’s streets. Get facts about Barbara Kingsolver here.

Beverley Naidoo Writer

Beverley Naidoo Writer

Facts about Beverley Naidoo 9: picture books

Naidoo is not only a novelist. She also creates some picture books. Baba’s Gift is a picture book with the setting in contemporary South Africa. She wrote it in 2004 along with her daughter Maya Naidoo. Find out another writer in Beverly Clearly facts here.

Facts about Beverley Naidoo 10: other works

If you are interested to read her picture books, you can check Letang’s new friend, Letang and Julie Save the Day, King Lion in Love and Trouble for Letang and Julie. The other novels are The Great Tug of War and other stories, Making It Home: Real-life Stories from Children Forced to Flee, Death of an Idealist and Web of Lies.

Beverley Naidoo Pic

Beverley Naidoo Pic

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