10 Facts about Bhangra Dancing

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If you want to know the type of dance developed by the Punjabi Diaspora, you have to check Facts about Bhangra Dancing. This dancing style is originated from the Punjab region in Majha area. It is considered as the free style from the traditional Bhangra dance. Actually people are still in debate when talking about the origin of Bhangra Dancing. Let’s find out more interesting facts about Bhangra Dancing below:

Facts about Bhangra Dancing 1: the origin of Majha folk dance

The origin of the folk dance in Mahja was from Sialkot. The root of this dance could be found in Gujrat, Sheikhupur, Gurdaspur and Gujranwalla.

Facts about Bhangra Dancing 2: the martial dance of Punjab

I.S. Dhillon has a different point of view related to the origin of Bhangra dancing. He believes that Bhangra Dancing has something to do with the martial dance of Punjab called bagaa.

Bhangra Dancing Performance

Bhangra Dancing Performance

Facts about Bhangra Dancing 3: the traditional Bhangra Dancing

The traditional Bhangra dancing can be seen in various regions such as Sialkot village, Gurdaspur district, Punjab India and Punjab Pakistan.

Facts about Bhangra Dancing 4: the festival of Vaisakhi

The festival of Vaisakhi is used to commemorate and celebrate the the harvest of crops. In this month, the traditional Bhangra dance will be performed. Therefore, it was called as a seasonal dance too. The dance is only performed by men. Get facts about Baisakhi here.

Bhangra Dancing Pic

Bhangra Dancing Pic


Facts about Bhangra Dancing 5: the steps of traditional Bhangra

The traditional dance steps will be applied during the performance of Bhangra dancing. The participants will create a circle.

Facts about Bhangra Dancing 6: the music

The music is maintained based on the local beats of the drum. The folk song dhola will be sung during the performance of the dance.

Bhangra Dancing Style

Bhangra Dancing Style

Facts about Bhangra Dancing 7: the popularity

The Bhangra dance is wonderful in Pakistan. Now it is performed not only during the harvest season, but also in various occasions.

Facts about Bhangra Dancing 8: the free form of traditional Bhangra dancing

If you check the free from traditional Bhangra dancing, it is combined with the dance moves for other Punjabi dances such Gham Luddi, Luddi, Dhamaal and Jhummar.

Facts about Bhangra Dancing

Facts about Bhangra Dancing

Facts about Bhangra Dancing 9: the first performance of free form traditional Bhangra dancing

In 1954, the first performance of free from traditional Bhangra took place. Get facts about Bhangra music here.

Facts about Bhangra Dancing 10: the competition

Today, there are many competitions of Bhangra dancing held in India. It is used to make young people aware with the traditional dancing style. The modern style of Bhangra dancing was developed in 1990s when the people combined it with western dancing style.

Bhangra Dancing

Bhangra Dancing

Are you impressed with facts about Bhangra Dancing?

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